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Biking in Land Between The Lakes

Cycling in LBL

Biking in LBL

Numerous trails are available for biking, both cycling and mountain biking, throughout the Land Between The Lakes.

The Trace is perfect for cycling.  This paved two-lane highway is best for cycling between US 68 and northward to Old Ferry Road (a distance of 12.6 miles) due to great sight distances, wide shoulders and few curves.  However, the entire length of the highway is good if you want to go further.  You could bike from Dover, Tn. to Grand Rivers, Ky. along The Trace for about 46 miles.  See The Trace - Scenic Drives for more information.

Central Hardwoods Scenic Trail is LBL's newest trail.  At 11 miles long, this trail parallels US 68 east-to-west from Kentucky Lake to Lake Barkley.  To find out more about this trail, visit or Hiking section.

Kentucky Lake Drive is located off The Trace in northern LBL near Grand Rivers, Kentucky Lake Drive is about three miles long and is the most scenic drive in LBL.  It's a good little detour for those biking The Trace.  See Kentucky Lake Drive - Scenic Drives for more information.

North End Hike & Bike Trail is also good for cycling.  This paved trail parallels The Trace near Kentucky Lake Drive and is about two miles long. 

Mountain Biking in LBL

The Canal Loop Trail is a 14.2 mile trail system that includes four connector trails to offer a variety of bike rides. The trail can be accessed from either the North Welcome Station Trailhead or the Kentucky Lake Drive Trail Access. The system provides options from 1.5 miles to 14.2 miles in distance and is popular because of the less strenuous terrain and scenic lake views.  It has an Easy to Moderate Rating and a 120-foot change in elevation.

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The northern portion of the North/South Trail, a 31-mile section, is open to mountain biking and connects the North Welcome Station with the Golden Pond Visitors Center. The point-to-point trail traverses ridge tops, bottomlands, and the shores of Kentucky Lake. Visitors can use this trail in conjunction with LBL's legal roads to make a series of shorter loops. Other opportunities include connecting to the Canal Loop Trail for a total of 45 miles.  The rating for this trail system is Easy to Advanced.

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Hillman Ferry Campground and Piney Campground trails are available for use by campground patrons. They pass through scenic forests, beautiful lake vistas, and by old cemeteries.

Be sure to visit the Golden Pond Visitor's Center for more information.  If you plan to bike, be sure to watch for signs at trailheads to make sure the trail is open for biking.

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Need A Place to Stay Near Land Between The Lakes?

You might need a place to crash for the night (no pun intended!) when planning a biking trip to Land Between The Lakes.  There are plenty of places to stay right outside the national recreation area.

Photo by Ray Stainfield

No camping excursion is complete with a serenade from the resident bullfrog. There are a vast variety of amphibians to be found throughout the Land Between The Lakes Area.