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Cadiz, Kentucky
Cadiz, Kentucky
Cadiz, Kentucky
Closer Than You Think

Ride the Trails Where Horses are Given the Right-of-Way

The lands surrounding Kentucky Lake and the acres that comprise the Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area (LBL) are filled with scenic views, historic remnants of days gone by and a plethora of natural beauty. One of the most enriching experiences that visitors to Kentucky Lake may find is taking a ride on horseback through the backcountry roads and authorized horse and wagon trails that wind through various sections of LBL.

Horse-friendly Lodging

Located within the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area is Wranglers Campground. This is a favorite spot for horse trail riders and wagon enthusiasts. The grounds cover about 100 miles of horse trails and feature an activity court, horse stalls, and farrier and blacksmith services during certain times of year.

Wranglers Campground is open year-round to horseback riders and those seeking places to lead their wagons through these dusty trails. However, guided trail rides and horse stables are only available from April through October. Day passes can be purchased at the campgrounds and should be displayed while riding.

Wranglers Campground serves a variety of guests, those looking for campsites, primitive cabins and small, rustic cabins where horses can be kept nearby. Wranglers provides several amenities including ice, firewood, limited equestrian supplies and more.

Rocking U Stables

You can board your horses at the Rocking U Stables and take guided trail rides from there. Forty-five and 90-minute guided horse trail rides through the scenic woodlands of western Kentucky can be booked. Rides leave on the hour, except at noon. For young children, six years old and younger, pony rides can be reserved at (270) 924-2211.

Know the Terrain

Designated horse trails have been established to help riders avoid hazards. Because these lands were once homesteads for family farms and former sites of historic iron ore industries, there are a few things to look out for while riding the trails. Wells, old fences, cisterns and other dangers can be difficult to see in these wooded areas. Therefore, it is recommended that horses and wagons stick to the outlined trails, which will be marked by brown signs. Kiosks will also be located in key points to keep you on the trail.

In addition to avoiding hazards, horses are strictly prohibited from areas such as cemeteries, as well as hiking and bike trails. Horse Trail maps are very useful to riders and can be found online.

Know the Rules for Horses and Wagons

A list of horseback riding regulations can be found online, so be sure you are familiar with the health guidelines for horses and the safety regulations for horses and wagons.

Horseback Riding Makes for Good Memories

While horses and wagons may seem like a thing of the past, the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area has kept the activity alive for those who enjoy exploring nature at a slower pace than what one could normally experience in a car or on foot. Riding the wooded trails on horseback allows guests a unique vantage point to take in all the beauty that can be found in western Kentucky.

So, pack up the horses or find some time to take a guided trail ride and come explore the backcountry views that make this part of the country so uniquely interesting. You'll find this a pleasant escape to nature and a great place to make memories that won't be soon forgotten.