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Cadiz, Kentucky
Cadiz, Kentucky
Cadiz, Kentucky
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100 Miles of ATV & Jeep Riding Trials

Off-Highway Vehicle riding is a sport that challenges your physical body, while indulging your adventurous spirit. Loads of OHV enthusiasts flock to the Turkey Bay OHV area located at Land Between the Lakes where they can enjoy 100 miles of the designated trails that wind their way through this national recreation area.

What to Expect on the Trails

Turkey Bay is home to varied topography and a number of primary, secondary and tertiary trails.

Primary trails are marked with the Yellow Blaze route markers. These roads are well-suited for beginners and novice drivers. Roads are maintained and offer a less-challenging riding experience.

Secondary trails are marked with the Orange Blaze route markers and are a bit more narrow and challenging for more intermediate riders or those seeking to hone their skills. Secondary trails serve as connectors between primary trails.

Another type of trails at Turkey Bay are the tertiary trails. These are marked with Blue Blaze route markers. They are the most narrow and challenging trails found in Land Between the Lakes' Turkey Bay OHV Area. They serve as connectors between both primary and secondary trails.

Advanced OHV Trails

If the obstacles and difficulties of the aforementioned trails are not challenging enough for an OHV enthusiast, there is one final category of trails known as the Challenge Areas. These routes are marked by Red Rings. They typically provide OHV riders two to 10 acres of steep, washed-out hill climbs. Individual areas within the Challenge Areas will not be marked, however boundaries will be shown by the red rings on trees. Riders are asked to ride only on the trails that have already been disturbed, rather than forging new roads.

All of these trails are two-way directional routes.

OHV Trails for Beginners

OHV riding is a sport that the whole family can enjoy and Turkey Bay is a great place for riders, beginner to advanced, to get acquainted with the scenic trails that attract visitors from all over the country each year.

The OHV area at Turkey Bay offers opportunities for youth to get involved in the sport. The Youth Turkey Trot Trail is a half-mile kids' riding and learning trail which helps teach basic trail riding techniques to beginners.

This trail is located in the flat, wooded area near May's Cemetery. It is fenced off and includes obstacles that are well-suited for beginners seeking to develop the fundamental skills needed for safe and challenging OHV riding.

The Youth Turkey Trot Trail features small rocks and logs, sharp turns, uphill, downhill and sidehill challenges, as well as whoop-dee-doos, a series of bumps about three feet tall that allow riders additional challenges. This beginner's trail is a one-way route and only riders 16 years or under are allowed here. The speed limit here is 10 miles an hour. Parents and legal guardians are encouraged to walk the trails with these young riders and supervise their riding experience.  

OHV Area Permits

If you're planning to haul your OHVs or amphibious ATVs to these trails, you'll need to purchase a permit. These can be purchased at the Turkey Bay OHV Area Gatehouse. If the gatehouse is unattended, then permits can also be purchased at the Golden Pond Visitor Center.  

OHV Area Rules and Regulations

Be sure to view the rules and regulations set out by the Turkey Bay OHV Area. There is a lot of responsibility that comes with handling an off-road vehicle and your adventure will be most successful if you remember to observe a few safety rules before hitting the trails.

Campgrounds and Turkey Bay OHV Area Maps

In addition to the trails, Turkey Bay also provides camp sites. You can also find a map of the trails here.

Call Before You Haul

While Turkey Bay OHV is open year-round, be sure to "call before you haul." The OHV area is open based on weather and the condition of the terrain. If the ground is saturated, the trails will close to prevent resource damage. You should call 800.525.7077 or check for alerts online before making the trek.

Turkey Bay OHV Area Quick Facts

SEASON  Year Round
HOURS  Sunrise to Sunset
ADMISSION  One to Three-Day Permit is $20.  Annual permit is $100.
GPS  N 36 45' 00.0" / W 88 04' 19.0"  {Map It!}
LOCATION  2.3 miles / 4 minutes south of the Visitor's Center on the Trace.

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Coming to Turkey Bay?  Consider an Overnight Stay!

You could pitch a tent at Turkey Bay in the camping area.  But if you need some additional amenities, consider these Lodging options located just outside Land Between The Lakes and a few minutes from Turkey Bay.