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Picnic Areas in Land Between the Lakes

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What better place to gather for a picnic or just enjoy a snack outside than in the beautiful scenery of Land Between The Lakes?

LBL is home to several designated picnic areas equipped with picnic tables, chemical toilets, and grills.  The list of designated areas includes:

  • Bison Range (south range)
  • Cedar Pond
  • Colson Overlook
  • Hematite Lake
  • Jenny Ridge
  • Moss Creek (April thru September)
  • Star Camp
  • Gatlin Point
LBL also features open-air pavilions at Fenton, the Golden Pond Visitor Center, The Homeplace 1850, and the Woodlands Nature Station.  To make reservations or for more information, visit the official website.

Note:  ExploreKentuckyLake.com is not the official site of the Land Between The Lakes. You can access their official site here.

Photo by Melodie Cunningham

September and October marks prime rutting season for elk. Elk rut to defend their territory and females (known as cows).