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Dave Stewart's Fishing Report

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Dave Stewart

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Dave Stewart's Fishing Report

For November 15, 2017

Report for all of Kentucky Lake north of Paris Landing & Lake Barkley north of the state line

Flash:  I am formally announcing that I will be retiring at the end of November 2018.  I am making this announcement now to alert those of you that book with me every year that you should make your reservations with me for the next year soon if you have not already done so.

I am also making this announcement so that those of you that have indicated to me many times you want to take my "Eliminating Water" class but have not found the time to do so are aware that this coming January and February will be your last chance to take this class and should make a reservation now while I still have some dates available.  I also have a few days still available this month that I am willing to teach this class and will entertain teaching a few classes in December to accommodate those that cannot attend in January or February next year.

I am looking forward to a a fun and productive final guide season next year and wish to thank all those that have made my past 22 years as a bass guide so enjoyable.

Also, this will be my last weekly fishing report for this season.  I was diagnosed with a partially collapsed lung last week and although is not too serious, my doctor has ordered me to stay off the water for the next couple of weeks to allow this to heal.  Since my guide season ends this month each year I will not be on the water again until next March.  As my report followers know, I will not publish a report unless I have first-hand experience or confirmed information.  I will, as I have over the years, publish a report now and then this winter when I have confirmed credible information on the bass fishing here at the lakes.
Current Conditions:  Bass fishing continued to be slow last week as indicated in the results of the FLW BFL Wildcard tournament with most of the field having weighed only one fish or no fish in the two day tournament with only a few limits weighed in.  It only took an 8.5 lb average each day to qualify for next year's All American tournament.  The good news is that the water temperatures finally dropped into the 50's late last weekend and I have received a number of reports of schools of shad and bass starting to move into the shallows over the past few days on both the main lake flats and in the shallows in the creeks and bays.  This indicates the fall bite is finally getting started and we should start experiencing a more productive bite over the next few weeks.  
Largemouth Bass:  Largemouth are being taken on secondary points and channel banks in the creeks and bays.  These fish are being taken on medium running crank baits, suspending jerk baits,  spinner baits, Carolina rigged creature baits, shaky heads and tube jigs.  Largemouth on shallow flats on the main lake as well as shallow flats in the creeks and bays on top water lures, lipless crank baits, square billed crank baits, spinner baits and Senko type baits near isolated wood cover.   
Smallmouth Bass:  Smallmouth are being taken on rocky main lake points and rocky secondary points in the creeks and bays.  These fish are being taken on shaky heads and tube jigs.  Some Smallmouth are also being taken around submerged crappie beds in the creeks and bays on shaky heads and ned rigs.  
Productive Lures: Some of the productive lures reported this week are Lucky Craft Sammy and Lucky Craft Gunfish in ghost pearl lemon, Strike King spash baits in white, Strike King Red Eye Shad in chrome sexy shad and sexy shad, Strike King square billed crank baits in sexy shad, Bandit medium running crank baits in rootbeer/chartreuse,  Slong's spinner baits in blue glimmer,  D&L jigs in "oops" and Cumberland craw, Slong's jigs in Cumberland craw and mustang, Charmer timber pups on Texas rigs and Carolina rigs in green pumpkin and watermelon/purple, Charmer slim daddy's in blue craw and green pumpkin on shaky heads and Charmer tubes rigged stupid style in green pumpkin/blue tail and green pumpkin/orange.

Fisherman’s Headquarters is located in Draffenville at the U.S. 68/U.S. 641 triangle, or the Draffenville "Y". FHQ stocks everything an angler could need, from live bait, hooks and bobbers to top of the line tournament bass tackle. More than a "bait and tackle" store, Fisherman’s Headquarters is a true "pro shop", offering advice, training and special order assistance not found online or at the big box retailers. Services even include custom electronics training and installation.

The store offers a wide variety of nationally known brands as well as many regional and hard to find items we use on Kentucky and Barkley Lakes. They stock many of the products I rely on daily, such as Charmer Baits, Slong’s lures and Pro Tungsten weights. From bluegill to bass and catfish to crappie, FHQ has you covered! Stop by and visit or phone 270-527-5938.

Jet-A-Marina: If you have a problem with your boat while you are visiting our great fisheries, let me recommend you have the folks in the service department at Jet-a-Marina check it out. These folks have a well known reputation for trying to keep our visitors on the water while they are here if they can possibly do so, especially you tournament anglers.

Hopefully you will not need this kind of assistance but if you do, you can find Jet-a-Marina located on U.S. 62 in Calvert City, just a couple of miles north of Kentucky Dam. Jet-a-Marina also has a great showroom for all your boating accessories and check out the new Ranger bass boats too as well as bulk oil at rock bottom prices for your engine. Phone: 270-395-4030.


For those of you that may not be familiar with my service: I am a full time catch and release bass fishing guide. I only guide for bass. I have been guiding for bass full time on these lakes for over 20 years and bass fishing the lakes for over 30 years. I do not go out and fish panfish for 4 or 5 days and then try to guide on bass for one or two days.

No one knows everything the bass are doing but one thing is for sure, if you only fish for bass day in and day out, you will have a lot better idea of what they are doing and also be familiar with all the different techniques it takes to be a successful bass angler.

If you book with my service, you will have me as your guide and you will be guided in the comfort of a late model Z522 Ranger Commanche equipped with Lowrance HDS electronics and top of the line tackle. I provide just for fun bass fishing trips, tournament preparation trips, focused teaching trips and technique instruction. If you are in need of a bass fishing guide give me a call or drop me an email.

ELIMINATING WATER CLASS: I will be offering my class on how to Eliminate Water again this winter during the months of January and February and I will also teach a few classes this month in November. These classes are limited to one or two people per class. The classes last approximately 8 hours. The cost of the class is 200.00 which covers one or two people. These classes have been very popular with my clients over the past few years and all the feedback I get is very positive. 

Here is a short description of the Eliminating Water Class:

"How to Eliminate Water": This class is done in a classroom environment. In this class you learn the most important thing that you can learn as a bass fisherman, that is, how eliminate water to find the Bass by finding the highest percentage spots during all the different seasons of the year that will hold more fish, more often. In this class you will learn what information you need to know in order to eliminate water to find these high percentage spots during your preplanning for a trip and how to apply this information as well as current environmental conditions to make decisions on which techniques you should be using when on the water that day and how to adjust to environment changes that can move your fish or change the pattern from day to day, season to season.

Basically, what I teach you in this class is how to use knowledge of mother nature by using scientific knowledge, logic and common sense to develop a system to find your fish as well as make decisions before you get on the water and while you are on the water to be a more consistent bass angler. What I teach you in this class is what I do every day as a bass fishing guide when I am trying to find and catch bass with my clients. What you will learn in this class will apply anywhere you go bass fishing, this is not specific to just Ky and Barkley Lakes.

Finding bass and making decisions as how to catch bass is not done solely by looking at electronics, it is accomplished with knowledge. There is no button on your sonar unit or mapping unit that says "Go Find Fish". Sonar units show you fish AFTER you find them. Mapping units show you just that, a topographical map of the body of water you are on. The mapping unit allows you to mark spots on your electronic map where you have found fish and assist you in navigating back to those spots. Just as with a paper topographical map, you can scan over an electronic map and mark "places of interest" or as I call them "looks good" spots to go check out when you get on the water...but finding high percentage spots are not "looks good" spots.

High percentage spots are selected by having the knowledge of what type spots have the highest percentage chance of holding bass during the different seasons of the year coupled with how to apply what is going on in the environment that affect the fish so that you can make the decisions to choose the right lures and patterns to be more successful. I am currently taking reservations for this class as well as for guided trips next season.  Drop me an email or give me a call to make a reservation

Captain Dave Stewart
Bass Buster Guide Service
"Fish With a Professional" 

Rocky Shores
Photo by John Mahler

Although the terrain in this part of the country is typically flat, you'll still find an occasional rocky shoreline like this one on Kentucky Lake.