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Biking Trails Around Kentucky Lake & Lake Barkley

There are numerous biking trails in the Land Between The Lakes, both mountain biking and on the road. 

Land Between The Lakes

For those who love the road, The Trace is perfect for cycling.  You'll find numerous paved roadways leading you to all sorts of places off The Trace.  You will also want to try Kentucky Lake Drive, which is very scenic in the fall. 

The Trace is a 45-mile, north-south highway that travels through Land Between The Lakes from Grand Rivers, Ky. to Dover, Tenn.  It is paved and has excellent visibility.  Remember to "Share The Road".

Kentucky Lake Drive is a short loop located on the northern end of Land Between The Lakes near Grand Rivers.  It is a one-way, paved road that has overlooks of Kentucky Lake.

The North End Hike & Bike Trail is also good for cycling.  It is paved, about two miles long and connects with Kentucky Lake Drive in the northern part of LBL.

The Canal Loop Trail in LBL is perfect for mountain bikers.  Featuring a 14.2-mile trail system that includes four connector trails which offer a variety of bike rides.  The trail can be accessed from either the North Welcome Station Trailhead or the Kentucky Lake Drive Trail Access.  The system provides options from 1.5 miles to 14.2 miles in distance and is popular because of the less strenuous terrain and scenic lake views.  It has an easy to moderate rating and a 120-foot change in elevation.

The Northern Section of the North-South Trail, which is a 31-mile section, is open to mountain biking and connects the North Welcome Station with the Golden Pond Visitors Center.  The point-to-point trail traverses ridge tops, bottomlands, and the shores of Kentucky Lake.  Visitors can use this trail in conjunction with LBL's legal roads to make a series of shorter loops.  Other opportunities include connecting to the Canal Loop Trail for a total of 45 miles.  The rating for this trail system is Easy to Advanced.

The Fort Henry Trail System in southwestern Land Between The Lakes connects nine trails for a total of 26 miles.  These trails follow the route of General Grant's troops from Fort Henry to Fort Donelson during the Civil War.

Central Hardwoods Scenic Trail is a new east-west trail connecting Kentucky Lake to Lake Barkley and generally parallels US 68.  It is a family-friendly trail with smooth surfaces, gentle grades and is about 11 miles long.  The eastern 2.5 mile portion is paved and offers great views of Lake Barkley.  The 8.5-mile west portion is compacted stone.

Most campgrounds in Land Between The Lakes have biking trails for those who are staying at the campgrounds.  For more information about these campgrounds in LBL, visit our Land Between The Lakes Campgrounds section.

Be sure to visit the Golden Pond Visitor's Center for more information.  If you plan to bike, be sure to watch for signs at trailheads to make sure the trail is open for biking. 

Other Biking Trails

Lake Barkley State Resort park located near Cadiz, Ky. has biking trails for use. Also in Cadiz a portion of the the old Cadiz Railroad has been converted into a 2.5-mile walk/bike trail.

Folks who love biking the roads will find Kentucky 80 from Aurora to Murray a great choice.  With little traffic, this four-lane rural highway has wide shoulders that wind through the fields and forests of rural Calloway County, Ky. It connects with Eggners Ferry Bridge at Kentucky Lake, where riders can continue through LBL and on to Lake Barkley.

Kentucky Dam has a short biking trail across the dam with great views of the lake and river below. An extension into Calvert City is under construction.