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Fort Heiman

In January 1862, Confederate forces constructed Fort Heiman, located high along a bluff in extreme southeastern Calloway County, Kentucky. The bluff overlooked the Tennessee River (now Kentucky Lake) and was considered a strategic defense location. However, the fort was abandoned on February 4, 1862, as Union forces approached.

Fort Henry, located across the river, was attacked by Union forces and caused several casualties on both sides. With the Union army victorious, they stayed at Fort Heiman about a year, then abandoned the fort after deeming its defense unnecessary.

Then, in 1864, Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest occupied Fort Heiman. His calvary and cannons sank several Union gunboats. Forrest later used Fort Heiman as a staging point for raiding Johnsonville, Tennessee (located upstream on the Tennessee River). His Confederate forces abandoned Fort Heiman later that year.

Today, Fort Heiman is a part of the Fort Donelson National Battlefield and can be accessed from Kentucky Highway 121 near New Concord.