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Kentucky Lake, Lake Barkley Fishing
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Kentucky Lake & Lake Barkley Reports

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Weekend Outlook for Fishing - October 29-30, 2016

Weather Another beautiful fall weekend for the lakes!  Lots of sunshine and temperatures in the 70s. Kentucky Lake Weather report.
Lake Conditions The lakes are near winter pool.  Watch for mud flats and objects, run only in the channels.  Access real-time Lake Conditions.

Fishing Reports Summary

In a rush and looking for summaries of fishing reports on Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley?  Check these out.  Click the report title for the full fishing report.  You can also view 15 year's worth of fishing report archives.

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Dave Stewart

Date:  October 20, 2016
Covering:  Kentucky Lake north of Paris Landing; Lake Barkley north of state line

"I expect this scattered bite will continue until the water temperatures finally cool down enough to get more fish into the creeks and we start seeing some schooling."

Scott Patton

Date:  October 20, 2016
Covering:  Kentucky Lake from Blood River to New Johnsonville

"I have still been catching my fish on top water; I’m staying closer to the main lake flats."

Rich Bay

Date:  October 20, 2016
Covering:  Kentucky Lake & Lake Barkley north of US 68

"Crappies are great and we have even boated numerous catfish. The yellowbass have been keeping us busy in between crappies. We have had several sauger this week also but no giants…yet!"

Shelldivers Guide Service

Date:  October 19, 2016
Covering:  Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley

"...noticed sea gulls dive bombing on a main river ledge so we went straight to them as I knew something was pushing shad to the surface."

Steve McCadams

Date:  October 18, 2016
Covering:  Kentucky Lake from Paris Landing to New Johnsonville

"Fishermen on Kentucky Lake are seeing an upswing in the fall crappie bite as big numbers have been taken these last few weeks."

Kirk Weber

Date:  September 30, 2016
Covering:  Kentucky Lake from Kentucky Dam to Paris Landing

"Finding good action on Bass, White Bass, Bluegill, Cats, and Crappie. The Crappie bite has been exceptionally good lately!"

Brandon Hunter

Date:  September 14, 2016
Covering:  Kentucky Lake

"In the coming weeks with the cooler nighttime temperatures, you can bet the water temps will start to fall and put the fish in some active patterns. Fall fishing is just right around the corner."

Randy Kuhens

Date:  June 14, 2016
Covering:  North Kentucky Lake and North Lake Barkley

"This is the time the white bass fishing is really good. On days when the current is present on the main lake we are catching limits in 1 to 2 hours early in the morning on rooster tails and slab spoons on or near river channel points."

Precision Sonar

Date:  May 23, 2016
Covering:  Sonar tips by Randy Kuhens for Kentucky Lake, Lake Barkley

“'We caught them good here yesterday but they’re not here now I don’t know where they’ve gone?'  Sound familiar?  You bet it does! This scenario has happened to us all."

John Morgan

Date: April 14, 2016
Covering:  Kentucky Lake from US 68 to Big Sandy River

"Warm nights and days in the 70's for the next 4 to 5 days should make for a great spawn."

Kentucky Lake TV


Watch our archived Video Fishing Tips of the Week on KentuckyLake.tv featuring Randy Kuhens, formerly of Kick'n Bass Guide Service.

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Cedar Waxwing
Photo by Teresa Gemeinhardt

The Cedar Waxwing is a beautiful bird that is common to The Land Between The Lakes region. You're likely to find them near fruiting trees and shrubs.