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North Loop Scenic Drive

Approximately 110 miles in length, this route begins at Aurora on US 68/KY 80. Heading east, this route takes you across Kentucky Lake, through LBL, across Lake Barkley, and into Trigg County.  Follow US 68/KY 80 to Cadiz.  Be sure to take the Business Route to Cadiz so you can check out the downtown area along with the shops.

Then, head back west on US 68/KY 80, but turn on Kentucky 274, just outside Cadiz.  Kentucky 274 winds through the Lake Barkley area, crossing Little River and heading to Eddyville.  The road intersects with Kentucky 93 at Confederate.

Continue north on Kentucky 93 to Eddyville.  There you can enjoy Eddyville's plentiful attractions, including Venture River Waterpark.  From Eddyville, turn west and head down US 62/641 to Kuttawa.  Hang a left on Kentucky 295 and tour the Old Kuttawa area.  This is also a must-see and offers great views of Lake Barkley and Kuttawa Harbor.  Kentucky 295 loops back to US 62/641 and continues west.

A few miles down the road you will cross the Cumberland River and scenic Barkley Dam.  Just a couple more miles down the road you will enter into the Kentucky Dam Area.  At Kentucky Dam, you can take a brief tour of the facility and go inside the dam.  There are new fishing piers and picnic tables in this area as well.  It is worth the time to check out Kentucky Dam, especially when the gates are open.

Right after Kentucky Dam, US 641 splits from US 62, so head south on US 641.  This roadway will take you through the Kentucky Dam Village area.  Just a few miles down the road is Draffenville.  You're probably hungry by now, so be sure to stop and eat at one of the several restaurants.  Turn down US 68 east from Draffenville and head back to Aurora, about 15 miles down the road.  In Aurora, you can enjoy Kenlake State Park, a few specialty shops, restaurants and more.

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Photo by Melodie Cunningham

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