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Normal Water Temperatures

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Below is a chart showing normal surface water temperatures of Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley.

Time Period Water Temp Time Period Water Temp
January 44-46° Late July 85°
Late February 45-47° Early August 86°
Early March 47-50° Mid August 85-86°
Mid March 50-54° Late August 83-84°
Late March 54-56° Early September 81-83°
Early April 57-60° Mid September 78-80°
Mid April 61-64° Late September 76-78°
Late April 64-67° Early October 73-75°
Early May 67-70° Mid October 69-72°
Mid May 70-72° Late October 63-67°
Late May 72-76° Early November 60-62°
Early June 77-79° Mid November 56-60°
Mid June 79-82° Late November 53-56°
Late June 83-84° Early December 49-52°
Early July 84-85° Mid December 47-49°
Mid July 85° Late December 46-47°

Kentucky Lake Sunset
Photo by Shawn Dunnaway

Sunsets at Kentucky Lake are special. You can find them on the eastern banks of Kentucky Lake looking west across a mile of ripples and waves. There's nothing quite like experiencing a sunset on Kentucky Lake.