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Benton - Aurora - Jonathan Creek

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Welcome to Benton!

Including Aurora, Jonathan Creek, Malcolm Creek & King Creek

The city of Benton is located about 10 minutes west of Kentucky Lake.  The Benton area includes the community of Aurora as well as parts of Kentucky Lake including Jonathan Creek, Malcolm Creek and King Creek.

In and around Benton, you will find several motels, campgrounds, resorts, marinas and restaurants.  You can also check out Benton events for the latest happenings around the community.

Lodging In & Around Benton

A Closer Look at the Benton Area

There are many things to do in and around Benton especially if you love the outdoors.  Fishing, boating, and other recreational opportunities are waiting for you.

For those considering relocating to the Benton area, you can get a closer look at the community and also take a look at Benton, Kentucky real estate agencies.  You can even view a list of churches in Benton area.

Lunch Time!
Photo by Melodie Cunningham

Splash! This bald eagle is diving for a tasty fish. Bald eagles use their exceptional eye sight to spot their prey up to a mile away!