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Steve McCadams' Fishing Report

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Steve McCadams

Steve McCadams
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Frigid Temps Puts Breaks on Fall Fishing

For December 5, 2017

Report for Kentucky Lake from Paris Landing to New Johnsonville

Anglers knew it would last forever. The spring-like weather we’ve been having that is.

For almost a month fishermen on Kentucky Lake have enjoyed a honeymoon with nice weather. Above average temperatures and light winds have been the norm but that came to an abrupt end Tuesday when south winds switch to the north and the Siberian Express roared in with bone chilling gusts.

Surface temperatures peaked out on Monday around 54 degrees but since then they’ve been on a rapid decent. By this weekend Kentucky Lake will likely have cooled down to the mid to upper 30’s. Water color remains clear.

Lake levels have stayed at a low ebb for the second week in a row. TVA was projecting minor fluctuation as the weekend approached with projections at Kentucky Dam to be 354.5. Upstream in the New Johnsonville sector the reservoir will be even lower with a forecast of 354.2.

The cold front now underway has curtailed activity for most all anglers. Prior to its arrival crappie anglers had been landing some decent stringers from the deeper sides of main lake ledges in the Paris Landing sector.

Depths of 17 to 24 feet had produced fish the last two weeks as it seemed most of the fish had backed off into deeper water lately. Not all were deep as a few scattered fish had been taken in midrange depths of 8 to 12 feet but not many.

Bass anglers will also be putting their rods back in the locker for a few days. Cold north winds with a chance of flurries for this weekend are not what anglers wanted to hear but they can’t complain. Last week at this time they had unusually nice weather and enjoyed near perfect fishing conditions for early December.

Anglers will have to ride it out until the cold spell breaks. Put another log on the fire and pull up a chair. Odds are the best fishing spot will be in front of the fire for a few days! 

Steve McCadams
Professional Guide
Fishing/Duck Hunting
655 Anderson Drive
Paris, TN 38242
(731) 642-0360

A member of the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame, Steve McCadams is a professional guide on Kentucky Lake entering his 40th year on the water.

Photo by Ray Stainfield

No camping excursion is complete with a serenade from the resident bullfrog. There are a vast variety of amphibians to be found throughout the Land Between The Lakes Area.