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Shelldiver's Fishing Report

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Shelldivers Guide Service's Fishing Report

For October 17, 2017

Report for Kentucky Lake & Lake Barkley

The bass fishing has been good some days and tough on other days. For the most part the majority of fisherman are fishing shallow in the backs of creeks and bays, shallow points, and shallow main lake bars.

I have had days where I catch some shallow and some deeper on drop offs. There really is not a depth limit on the deeper fish as I have caught them from five feet down to 22 feet. Last year during the fall the fishing was a lot better and very consistent.

The most popular bait right now is a popper and there are more varieties of poppers than I can keep up with. Some are good in calm water while others are good in the wind. Buzzbaits will work as well as swimbaits.

If the water is muddy then use a spinnerbait. I also like a floating jerkbait this time of year when I am fishing ultra shallow. On drop offs I am using a ten-inch worm, magnum trick worm, and different styles of jigs.

It’s a good bet that if you find some shad there will be bass around, especially this year.  The shad are scarce or should I say in short supply. In 2015 and 2016 there were 10 to 20 times as many shad in the shallows. I have heard many local stories of Asian carp eating the shad and really just considered it to be stories or urban legends.

However, a week ago while fishing topwater on south Barkley I had a large Asian carp attack my popper. I was shocked. I saw the whole thing right at the boat - it came up very slowly and sucked that popper right in. Then as I fished further I had four other Asian carp come after my popper.  So I am convinced that Asian carp will eat shad.

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Shelldivers Guide Service
Scott McGlinchey
(317) 440-2934

Photo by Jill Asher

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