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Scott McGlinchey's Fishing Report

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Scott McGlinchey

Scott McGlinchey
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Scott McGlinchey's Fishing Report

For May 16, 2019

Report for Kentucky Lake & Lake Barkley

This last cold front has cooled the morning water temperature back down into the upper 60 degree range creating a last call for more bass to nest and lay eggs. This year has been the craziest spawn I have ever seen as during the last month and a week we have not had three sunny days in a row.  That is what bass prefer when they make nests and lay eggs. Even with the lack of sunlight the bass did their egg laying thing anyway.

As of today bass can be caught in three to one feet of water in bushes pitching, in the same shallow depth around flooded weeds, brush, and logs, or flats with a weightless trick worm.

Speaking of my weightless trick worm technique I can tell you I had many clients that learned this technique this year and all were very happy. They all caught fish with it and have a secret to take with them back to their home lake! It’s not to late to learn this deal so come out and fish with me to see how it works.

On many lakes there is a great post spawn pattern where the weightless trick worm can really load the boat for you and win tournaments. Going back to current conditions many bass are still shallow with some spawning and there are some bass trickling out to first arrival ledges. I am confident in catching a limit real shallow at the back ends of creeks and pockets or out running many ledges. Any day there should be numbers of bass on certain ledges and where they show up changes a little bit every year here at Kentucky Lake.

Last year I taught many anglers how to fish offshore catching bass on drop offs in depths ranging from 8 feet down to 30. When you take a trip with me you get many years of experience in one day which is worth a lot more than a daily guide fee.

I have thousands of waypoints of many individual pieces of structure to include good ledges, stumps,  brushpiles, bridges, and roadbeds. Many of the brushpiles I have marked have lots of crappies, bluegills, and red ears in them.

Please check out and like my Shelldivers Guide Service Facebook page. I will have additional pictures posted there some are underwater photos of fish and shellbeds. 

If you just want to enjoy a day of catching quality bass or are wanting to learn how to effectively fish offshore I am as good as it gets! I had excellent results in my career as a baseball and wrestling coach and use the same skills to help my clients learn bass fishing.

I have 29 years of ledge fishing experience and would like nothing more than to take all of my readers out fishing! If you want to book a trip with me please try to call me as the communication over the phone is much more effective and consumes less time than emails. I do respond to all forms of communication as quick as I can.  

If you are looking for a great tackle shop, custom electronics installation and trouble shooting, archery equipment, or kayaks and gear, check out HITEC OUTDOORS.  (270) 527-1900.  Tell them I sent you.

Shelldivers Guide Service
Scott Glinchey
(317) 440-2934

Photo by Angela Smith

Everything in nature is a reflection of everything. Calm evenings on Kentucky Lake produces a stunning mirror image of nature.