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Scott McGlinchey's Fishing Report

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Scott McGlinchey

Scott McGlinchey
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Scott McGlinchey's Fishing Report

For July 8, 2019

Report for Kentucky Lake & Lake Barkley

The overall fishing pressure here at Kentucky and Barkley Lakes is down leaving plenty of room to fish any area you desire. It is nice to be able to get out on lakes the size of Kentucky and Barkley and be able to fish any location you want without other boats everywhere.       

I am still catching big bass and have done some successful bluegill fishing, too. Bass and bluegill, including red ear, use the same deep sanctuaries in the middle of summer. This time of year is a great time to get out and bass fish after dark.

Those giant bass that are reluctant to hit your bait during the day will certainly bite after dark. Its very peaceful and serene fishing after dark and it is a fact that bass do much of their feeding after dark.

I am still fishing with a plastic worm, Carolina rig, a one-ounce spinner bait, and deep diving crankbaits during the day. At night after dark I like a single bladed spinnerbait, a plastic worm, and even a crankbait. One of the best nightime patterns I have ever had was using a crankbait after dark in areas where there were significant amounts of crawfish present.

I have made time to make some dives underwater to check out my favorite places and see what is really down there vs. what I see with my depthfinder and the difference is huge! Hoping to make more dives soon and get better pictures.

All in all this is a great time to experience all types of fishing here at Kentucky and Barkley lakes. There are few boats out fishing and after dark the fish bite even better.

I am still open to guide fisherman on making dives underwater to see what is really down there.

I have thousands of waypoints of many individual pieces of structure to include good ledges, stumps, brushpiles, bridges, and roadbeds. Many of the brushpiles I have marked have lots of crappies, bluegills, and red ears in them.

If you just want to enjoy a day of catching quality bass or are wanting to learn how to effectively fish offshore I am as good as it gets! I had excellent results in my career as a baseball and wrestling coach and use the same skills to help my clients learn bass fishing.

I have 29 years of ledge fishing experience and would like nothing more than to take all of my readers out fishing! If you want to book a trip with me please try to call me as the communication over the phone is much more effective and consumes less time than emails. I do respond to all forms of communication as quick as I can.

Please check out and like my Shelldivers Guide Service Facebook page. I will have additional pictures posted there some are underwater photos of fish and shellbeds.

Shelldivers Guide Service
Scott McGlinchey
(317) 440-2934

Photo by Ray Stainfield

No camping excursion is complete with a serenade from the resident bullfrog. There are a vast variety of amphibians to be found throughout the Land Between The Lakes Area.