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Shelldiver's Fishing Report

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Scott McGlinchey

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Shelldivers Guide Service's Fishing Report

For July 20, 2017

Report for Kentucky Lake & Lake Barkley

The fishing has changed a lot since my last report. In my last report the typical summer ledge fishing was excellent. Just like it has happened in previous years the ledge fishing changed right at the end of the first week of July.

The big groups of bass have broken up and fish are scattered. Many baitfish have moved shallow especially the shad fry and bass have followed. You can still catch a big limit from the ledges but it is a lot harder and you can strike out trying.

The best fishing right now is right before dark and after dark. I can be sitting on a good drop off and watch the shad move in right before dark and the bass come out of nowhere to feed on the shad.

I have had some good trips where we finished the trip fishing the first two hours of dark and the fish moved in and we caught some big ones.

Here are some tips for night fishing. Have a black light or two and use clear blue fluorescent line. The black light will cause the line to glow making easy for you to watch your line.

Some good techniques for fishing after dark are dragging a football head jig, fishing a 10 inch worm in a dark color, a single bladed spinnerbait in black, and even a crankbait. Wear a clip on light on your hat for use when taking fish off the hook or tying baits.

There are some fish shallow right now and you can catch them on many different baits. I like a popper type bait but a small worm, small jerkbait, or a shad imitating bait will catch them to. The shallow fish will bite all day but you have to be patient.

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Shelldivers Guide Service
Scott McGlinchey
(317) 440-2934

Honker Bay
Photo by John Mahler

Honker Bay, located near The Nature Station, is a great place to hike or simply stop to observe a beautiful sunset.