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Shelldiver's Fishing Report

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Shelldivers Guide Service's Fishing Report

For July 14, 2018

Report for Kentucky Lake & Lake Barkley

Since my last report the bass fishing has remained good. Typically the daytime ledge fishing gets a lot tougher after the first week of July. This year for me it got tougher before July.

Many of the main river ledges seemed to produce less fish right after the Costa FLW Series tournament. The total weights combined for all fisherman and the amount of limits per day were way down from previous years.

It’s real obvious that there are less fish in Kentucky Lake than when I started Guiding here in 2015. To me the number one contributor for having less bass is the loss of all the hydrilla (Aquatic vegetation) that died during the winter of 2015-2016. When you add milfoil or hydrilla to a surface acre of water the population of fish multiplies four-fold.

If the grass goes away after a few years the population of fish divides by four and that is what we are seeing today as far as numbers are concerned. I learned this grass and bass population factor from a TVA Biologist in 1991 and have personally seen the effects of having grass and losing it on other home lakes I fished.

I can tell you with absolute certainty that all the grass that died was due to mother nature. The State of Kentucky does not treat/kill aquatic vegetation on Kentucky Lake. Back the late 1990s the TVA may have treated some grass near docks or access areas but has not done or performed any treatment since the 90s. The influx of Asian Carp is another story I will talk about in another report/article.

Good things I have seen this year and during the last 30 days are that the bass spawn was good and the numbers of fry I’m seeing is excellent. There is probably four times more shad than what I saw last year at this time. Last year at this time three out of four mature bass I caught were skinny and this year there aren’t as many skinny ones.

During the last two summers myself and clients have caught less numbers of bass but our best five fish at the end of the day have been a lot heavier. We caught many heavy limits this year!

I had a long and great conversation with the Kentucky State Fisheries Biologist and learned a lot of good things from him some of which I shared in this report. The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources is working on ways to establish other forms of Aquatic vegetation in Kentucky Lake and they do understand how important the vegetation is to the Lake. You can view area fisheries information on their local Facebook page “Western Kentucky Fisheries” so check it out.

Please check out and like my Shelldivers Guide Service Facebook page. I will have additional pictures posted there some of which are underwater photos of fish and shellbeds.

If you just want to enjoy a day of catching quality bass or are wanting to learn how to effectively fish offshore I am as good as it gets! I had excellent results in my career as a baseball and wrestling coach and use the same skills to help my clients learn bass fishing.

I have 28 years of ledge fishing experience and would like nothing more than to take all of my readers out fishing! If you want to book a trip with me please try to call me as the communication over the phone is much more effective and consumes less time than emails. I do respond to all forms of communication as quick as I can. 

Shelldivers Guide Service
Scott Glinchey
(317) 440-2934

Photo by Melodie Cunningham

Springtime is the perfect time to explore the wide variety of native plants growing in the lakes region! Over 1,130 native flora species live in LBL.