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Doug Wynn's Fishing Report

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Doug Wynn

Capt. Doug Wynn
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Doug Wynn's Fishing Report

For October 13, 2018

Report for Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley

Hello from the Excel Bay Pro 203 "Fishful Thinking".

It's been a tough two weeks since my last report. The changing weather has actually helped the crappie catching somewhat and better days are soon to be here. The changing weather has also played havoc with my already aching joints.

Those of you who experience arthritis know what I'm talking about. My right knee will be replaced Monday with a new and improved model that contains none of my current issues. I'd appreciate you sending up a prayer for Dr. Derrick Morgan and the staff at Murray-Calloway Hospital. I'm usually a good patient but I have been know to have my moments.


There have been days we found the crappie willing to bite the Pico crankbaits as deep as 20 feet but most of our catches have been in less than 15 feet. Areas on flats that contain scattered structure and baitfish seem to be the key.

Check out deep structure on the main lake or deep ledges in the mouths of the major bays in 25 or more feet of water with minnows and plastics. There are still some better quality fish being taken there but you will have to cover a lot of water to find that special brushpile that might produce a good mess of fillets.

The Crappie.com Kentucky Lake ShinDig is this weekend and many are staying at Sportsman's Marina on Jonathan Creek. Heather and the crew fixed us a great cook-out Thursday night. We had members from 8-9 different states then and should add some states to that tally today.

I have had the pleasure of fishing with Tom and Shelby, a wonderful couple from Grenada ,MS who I met a couple of months ago when several of us locals attended the Crappie.com MS Crankfest on Enid and Grenada Lakes. Tom and I fished together one day from his Skeeter Bay Boat and one from the Excel. Those two days were some of the most memorable crappie fishing I've ever had! Our two days on Kentucky Lake are hopefully soon forgotten.

Thursday was the first day of the first big cold front of the fall, water temperatures 10 degrees warmer than this time last year, the lake having finally fallen to close to winter pool, and more wind than I would normally ever fish in all made for tough conditions. The 5-6 boats who all left out of Sportsman's around the same time found a wall of 3-4 foot roller waves at the mouth of the bay. Any hopes of fishing anywhere other than Jonathan without trailering the boats were dashed.

We decided Jonathan looked pretty safe so we made the best of it. I took a screen shot of an area on my Helix 12 Mega that had been being productive and shared it with the other boats from several states. Mid-day found us wind-burned but most boats having some keepers. My buddies Don and Jack from South Carolina topped the field for that day.

Friday dawned cool but calm. Tom, Shelby and I headed for the LBL side wearing all the warm clothes I could scrounge from under the back seat of my F-150. Whether we caught crappie or not, I wanted to share the tranquility of the bays there.

After a while of soaking up some of the warming sun but finding few crappie willing to bite, we headed back to Jonathan to finish up our days on the water. As far as fishing goes, I wasn't able to match the amazing fishery Tom had shown me at Grenada but we had a ball swapping stories and life experiences. That's really what it should be about any way.

I don't have any reports from the other species.

I'll be checking back in during my recovery time this fall as I receive credible reports from friends. Ill be having lower spine surgery in late November so hopefully I'll be almost as good as new come spring.

Thanks to all who have been so great to let me know they appreciate my reports and videos. Shawn is the man behind the scenes and he is an amazing talent. I am planning on doing seminars at both the Murray and Owensboro boat shows in the early months of next year. Hope to see you there.

Be careful out there!!!

Welcome to our slice of Heaven. 

Capt. Doug Wynn
Crappie Gills n' More
5 Rivers Taxidermy
157 Chase Loop
Benton, KY 42025
(270) 703-7600

Photo by Murray Blake

This stoic heron is looking at more than just his own reflection. He is looking at the fish that will become his lunch.