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Doug Wynn's Fishing Report

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Doug Wynn

Capt. Doug Wynn
Crappie Gills 'n More
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Doug Wynn's Fishing Report

For July 2, 2019

Report for Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley

Hey Y’all from the Excel Bay Pro 230 “Fishful Thinking”.

As we look forward to the Fourth of July and all the great things it brings, I urge you to use good judgment and caution when on the water.

Kentucky Fish and Wildlife has a campaign called “Operation Dry Water” to help curb alcohol-related accidents while boating. There will be an increased LEO presence on the lakes, looking out for impaired boaters.

While driving a boat under the influence doesn’t carry the same penalties as DUI on a highway, the cost can still be severe. The cost in human terms can be much worse. Having to deal with the guilt from causing another person to be hurt can stay with one for the rest of their days.

I urge you to leave your alcohol on the bank. I see impaired boaters very often and just hope they don’t hurt somebody while I’m wishing for a larger Law Enforcement presence on our lakes.

Please have a safe, fun-filled week.


Last weekend we got into some of the healthiest crappie I have seen in years. We had one honest two-pounder while several others were in the one-pound plus range. These fish came from Lake Barkley in 15-25 feet of water but I’m seeing similar catches on Kentucky Lake also.

I’m still pulling Pico crankbaits along with a few other makes so I can mix things up and try some different depths. The huge amounts of trash in the water, not only floating but also just under the surface, is making it tough to keep the lines and baits clear. Crappie are not going to hit a bait that has trash hanging on it.

The trash is making for tricky running of the boat in some areas. There were a couple of times Saturday that I dropped the 230 down to idle speed to navigate through the floating masses of logs, sticks, and matts of leaves and such. To run through one of these areas at high speed is risking damage to one’s boat and injury to passengers.

The trash is a result of the increase in lake levels that is now dropping slowly. Since the Fourth of July is the traditional beginning of the slow drop in lake levels to winter pool, we can expect to see a drop of eight feet or more from the 363 feet we just had. As the Mississippi River drops, the TVA and Corps will let more water out of the lakes than is coming into them, hence a drop in levels to the 354 winter pool mark.

While on the subject of dropping lake levels, I once again want to ask the powers that be WHY DROP THE LAKES BEFORE LABOR DAY???? It makes no sense to me or anybody else I’ve asked.

I don’t have any reports on anything else. We are catching buckets full of yellows and small to medium blue catfish while trolling cranks (I guess that could be called a report).

Have an enjoyable Fourth. Check on fireworks times at the various resorts. LBL still has some attractions closed due to storm damage.

Welcome to our Slice of Heaven. 

Capt. Doug Wynn
Crappie Gills n' More
5 Rivers Taxidermy
157 Chase Loop
Benton, KY 42025
(270) 703-7600
Excel Boats Pro Staff

Photo by Melodie Cunningham

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