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Doug Wynn's Fishing Report

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Doug Wynn

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Doug Wynn's Fishing Report

For March 16, 2018

Report for Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley

Hello from the Excel Bay Pro "Fishful Thinking".

We are still watching the lakes fall about 8/10s each day and the fish are not responding well to all the turmoil of the last few weeks. Most of the small bays are clearing up and there is not nearly as much floating or suspended trash as earlier. Jonathan Creek is still the color of weak chocolate milk and I would suspect other large bays are also.


One thing I've mentioned in my reports since the beginning is if the crappie fishermen are moving around and not huddled up in a general area, the crappie aren't biting very well in that particular vicinity. That's what we found Thursday with the crappie and bass fishermen. We spent the most part of our trip scanning water and looking for crappie in cover. We found lots of cover with zero crappie in it. 

The areas we did mark fish were so influenced by the 15+ MPH winds, we couldn't dare try to fish it.
As is always the case, somebody found some fish that would bite. An extremely slow presentation over flats with scattered cover in 15-20 feet of water was the ticket.

Minnows and jigs both produced but the numbers of fish caught were much less than one would typically expect for this time of the year. Some reports have fish suspended over deeper water areas but most are now moving toward mid-depth areas. I think once the water gets back to winter pool (355 or so) and starts a slow rise, the crappie will head to the shallower cover areas.

All the areas we checked yesterday had surface temps no more than 51 degrees, most slightly cooler at 49-50 degrees. We need some warmer days, warmer nights, and sunshine to get the surface temps up where the fish will become more active. I did probe some areas 18 inches deep and the temps were two degrees colder.

I don't have any bass reports because it has been so slow that the guys who are not practicing for tournaments are staying home.

There is a ton of traffic around Aurora. There is a big national coon hunt going on so watch for traffic and hounds.

Be careful out there. Wear your PFDs. Be courteous to others you share the water with.

Welcome to our slice of Heaven.   

Capt. Doug Wynn
Crappie Gills n' More
5 Rivers Taxidermy
157 Chase Loop
Benton, KY 42025
(270) 703-7600

Photo by Angela Smith

Kentucky sunrises can dirty dance with the best of them. Experience yours at Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley.