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Doug Wynn's Fishing Report

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Doug Wynn

Capt. Doug Wynn
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Doug Wynn's Fishing Report

For November 15, 2017

Report for Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley

Welcome from the white Excel Bay Pro 203

Sadly, this will be the last report from the white 203. My next report will be from the TAN Excel Bay Pro 203. I'll be talking more about the change in my next report. I just hope the new boat can serve my clients and I as well as the white one has.


Boy, it's been a week of good, bad, and ugly.

The bad was last week when the crappie I had been catching regularly dried up, just when some new friends from South Carolina arrived for the Crappie.com ShinDig.(more on that below). I know most of it was weather related but I tried my whole bag of tricks and almost nothing worked. The 70-degree water temps had dropped into the mid 50s and the fish just decided to stick their heads in the nearest brushpile and not come out to play.

The ugly came Friday when we had a "Fruit Jar" tournament as part of the Crappie.com weekend. I had the honor of fishing with the best fisherman I've ever had the pleasure to fish with, Kenny Smith (we call him Chaunc) from Pennsylvania.

We gathered up all the clothes we could muster and loaned some we weren't using to some of our out-of-town friends who weren't prepared for the below freezing temps. I set the Excel up for longlining and we probed several coves that showed fish in cover at levels of 15-25 feet but they had nothing to do with our presentations. After a few hours of futility, we just decided to kick back and just do what friends do when the fish aren't biting, we spent the rest of the allotted time BSing, reminiscing, and just enjoying being in the same boat. We showed up at the weigh-in with a skunk in our bag. ZERO keepers!! To say some folks were surprised by that is an understatement.

The good was spending Tuesday in Kenny's Lund boat, learning a technique he recently showed Russ Bailey of "Brushpile Fishing TV" fame. Their trip on Shenango Lake will be on the show in a month or so. I'll keep you posted.

We caught several nice crappie and several shorts but spending time on the lake with a man who calls me his "Brother from Another Mother" was priceless.

Crappie Part 2

The winning technique Friday was working deep brush SLOWLY with plastics and minnows. This worked for us Tuesday. Target depths were cover in 15-25 feet of water on main lake and larger bays. We tried a dozen different style and color plastics before we zeroed in on what worked. Orange and chartreuse PICO ring tubes were my best baits. Of course, everything plastic we used was with a Crappie Nibble on the hook. My buddies from South Carolina last week left as firm believers in the difference the Crappie Nibbles made in our catch.
I'm still seeing several fishermen using spider rigged minnows and jigs in medium depth areas of bays, 6-15 feet of water.

The only other notable reports I've gotten is of some nice blue cats being caught on river ledges on cut bait on days of high current flow.

Last weekend we had our annual Crappie.com KY Forum ShinDig here at Mike Miller Park. This year the opener of rifle deer season held our local attendance down a bit but we had visitors from 11 different states in attendance. If you have not taken the time to check out Crappie.com, you are missing a wealth of shared knowledge from some of the best crappie fishermen in the country. Check it out: www.crappie.com

Kudos to the staff at Mike Miller Park for all their assistance. Folks, we take a lot of things for granted here. We live in an area that is a destination for folks from all over the world. Sometimes we just don't think about how other folks from all over the country see this area. I had a ton of folks comment about what a wonderful facility Mike Miller Park is and how lucky we are to have it. Many of the visitors from 11 states said this might be their 1st time here but it won't be their last.

Lastly, Kudos to Heather and the staff at Sportsman"s Lodge and Marina. Most of our out of town members stayed there and were very impressed with the way they were treated during their stay.

With the water temps dropping to the low 50s now, please wear your PFD even if you chose not to in warmer weather. Be observant of low-water gremlins out there. Be careful out there.

Welcome to our slice of heaven. 

Capt. Doug Wynn
Crappie Gills n' More
5 Rivers Taxidermy
157 Chase Loop
Benton, KY 42025
(270) 703-7600

Photo by Melodie Cunningham

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