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Brandon Hunter Fishing Report

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Spring Time, Warm Water, Bass Fishing Heating Up

For March 21, 2019

Report for Kentucky Lake from Ky Dam to Paris Landing and Barkley north of US 68

Here we go again! Spring time is finally creeping in and warmer temps are on the way. Many of you have waited long enough to get back out on the water after a long winter. The wetter than average winter has dumped some rain over the past few weeks bringing lake levels to record levels and devastating floods to low areas.

The lake levels are back to somewhat normal with current outflow still way above average at approximately 250,000. We are finally starting to see some sunshine and warmer water. It is amazing what a few days of warm weather will do to the water temperatures. Spring time is here!

Lake Conditions and What’s Happening on the Lake

Water Temps: Low 50s

Lake Level: 355

Water Color: Fairly stained from the flood but clearing up daily

As many of you know, we have had a very wet winter and a lot of flooding in the area over the last couple weeks, bringing lake and river levels way up. There were a good majority of fish that made their ways to the banks and flooded cover during the high lake levels. Now that the levels are starting to get back to somewhat normal, the fish are taking their time getting back to their normal areas.

What I have seen over the last few days is that the water temps have shot up 4-5 degrees and a big push of fish have moved up. The water clarity right now is perfect for that spring time crankbait and a spinnerbait. Power fisherman should have some fun the next few days. Due to the flooding over the last few weeks, there is still a good amount of water being moved through the system. With the water moving rapidly, it is key to find those current break areas or areas with not so much current.

This time of year there are still a good number of fish that are out in their winter areas. A lot of these fish will spawn in shallow areas on the main lake and never leave the main river area. This is a great time to find those big females hanging out around those main lake breaks, feeding up for the spawn in the weeks ahead. The largemouth and smallmouth have started moving up on those shallow banks with the warm water temps. Most of the fish I have taken over the last week have been current related in that 6-12 foot range.

Always remember this is the time of year that everything is changing. A couple warm days and they will move from 8’ of water to 3’ of water. Look for those fish around pea gravel points or chunk rock points that are out of the current, but close to deeper water. We are still seeing enough cool nights and cold fronts that they still want to be close to that deep water.  I look for a lot to change in the next week or so.

Techniques That Are Working

Shallow Cranking - One of the most productive baits this time of year for covering water are shallow running crankbaits. The best areas the last few days have been those channel banks where the deep water is close by. Chuck rock and gravel transition banks have been the most productive. I always keep a square bill and a little deeper running bait for those deeper banks this time of year.

Specifics - Lucky Craft 1.5 and 1.5 DD, Spro Little John MD, Rapala DT6 and DT10

Colors - Red Craw Colors and Chart or Yellow Craw Colors

Spinnerbaits - Spinnerbaits are always a good choice when bait fish are the primary forage. A great search bait around shallow cover. When fish start to show up on shallow wood, rock, or docks a spinnerbait is hard to beat especially on those windy March days.

Specifics - Nichols Pulsator 3/8 oz on shallow wood, 1/2oz on deeper cover

Colors - Chart/White Double Willow

Lipless - The lipless is a great search bait when the fish start to migrate towards the creeks and flats. Probably one of my favorite things to do in the spring is to throw a Lucky Craft LV500 around and cover lots of water.

Specifics - Lucky Craft LV500, Bill Lewis Rattletrap, SK Red Eye Shad

Colors - Spring Craw, Delta Red Craw, TO Craw, Rootbeer, Reds

Jerkbaits - Another great bait and one that has produced many big fish in the spring time of the year. Fishing channel banks and current breaks, the jerkbait is a very productive bait this time of year.

Specifics - Lucky Craft Pointer 100, Flash Pointer 115, Spro McStick

Colors - Chart Shad, Pearl Threadfin Shad, Chart Colors with water colors

ARigs and Swimbaits - Always gonna catch a few on an ARig this time of year if you throw it enough. It’s a great bait to throw if you find those bigger schools still schooled up out deep and haven’t moved in yet. Good bait to toss around the bank as well.

For those of you who are not familiar with my service, I competed for 8 years on the FLW Tour. I am a full time Licensed and Insured Captain with First Aid and CPR certification. I offer one-on-one training for all times of the year, fun bass fishing trips, and electronics lessons on the ins and outs of the new technology. I would love the opportunity to share a day with you in my Ranger Z520L or in your own boat to get your electronics dialed in.

I am here to help you and to help you become a better angler and to give you confidence in your equipment.
If you are in the area on the north end of Kentucky Lake, there are a couple businesses that I highly recommend you check out. Kentucky Lake Outdoors is fully stocked with anything you read in my reports and if they don’t have it, they will get it for you. Hi-Tec Outdoors is one of the premier shops for anything electronics. They are very knowledgeable on the latest technology, can do the install, and have a great tackle selection as well.  

The guys at Jet-A-Marina in Calvert City are our local Ranger Boats dealer. These guys do a great job keeping us running throughout the year. They have some exciting things coming in 2019 so stay tuned. Also if you’re in the area, be sure to check out Fast Eddies. They have an awesome restaurant, fuel, and a great tackle selection.

Follow me on Facebook and Instagram @brandonhunterfishing and @bhunterfishing for anything fishing. I’ll also be more involved on YouTube this year with tips and techniques. Make sure your following along and subscribe to my channel BrandonHunterFishing. Please visit brandonhunterfishing.com and shoot me an email to book your next trip.  I’m looking forward to the season and sharing what I learn each day on the water with you! See you on the water! 

Brandon Hunter
FLW Tour Pro and Kentucky Lake Fishing Guide

In Flight
Photo by John Mitchell

Gliding gracefully over the water, this heron keeps a stealthy eye out for his next meal. Herons are one of the more common species of birds that can be seen at Kentucky Lake.