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101: Sauger Fishing

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Sauger Fishing

Sauger is the primary target fish for anglers during the winter months on Kentucky and Barkley lakes.  Although Lake Barkley has a population of Sauger they are more prevalent on Kentucky Lake.

These fish are known for their gathering in large numbers below Ky Dam and below Pickwick Dam at the upper end of Kentucky Lake during the cold weather.

However, they can also be taken on the lake itself.  The primary forage of the Sauger on Kentucky and Barkley lakes is threadfin shad, gizzard shad, and crayfish.

Sauger can be found on the main lake during the winter months near the river channels and at junctions of the river channels and tributaries.  These tasty sport fish are taken by fishing near deep water drop offs and in eddy waters behind sand and gravel bars during periods of current flow.

Drop offs and current breaks associated with the canal that connects the two lakes on the north end are also favorite places for the Sauger angler.  These fish are taken by fishing a one half to one ounce jig head tipped with a minnow or curly tail grub or a combination of both.

A stinger hook attached to the minnow is also a common practice. These jigs are fished vertically along the bottom.

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Written by Dave Stewart, Bass Buster Guide Service
Edited by Shawn Dunnaway
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