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101: Preface

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Welcome to Fishing 101

Welcome to Fishing 101!  Written by professional fishing guide Dave Stewart, this guide will help acquaint you with the types of fish and fishing patterns for Kentucky and Barkley Lakes.   Not only is this information valuable for beginners, long-time anglers and hobbyists will benefit from Dave's years of fishing experience.


In order to be a successful angler on Kentucky and Barkley Lakes, one must become familiar with the seasonal locations of the majority of the species they wish to target.  Although at any given time there are always some numbers of all species of fish located through out the lakes, there will always be specific areas in which the most numbers of that specific species will be located during different times of the year.

By becoming familiar with these seasonal areas where the majority of the specific species are located, the angler can be assured that they are presenting their lures/baits to a larger percentage of the targeted species.  In turn, they are increasing their odds of being successful. The following information is presented with this premise in mind to serve as a guideline for the local and visiting angler alike.  This information will assist them in their quest to find and catch their favorite species

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Fishing 101 Credits:

Written by Dave Stewart, Bass Buster Guide Service
Edited by Shawn Dunnaway
Fishing 101 may not be reproduced or reprinted and is provided exclusively by ExploreKentuckyLake.com

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In Flight
Photo by John Mitchell

Gliding gracefully over the water, this heron keeps a stealthy eye out for his next meal. Herons are one of the more common species of birds that can be seen at Kentucky Lake.