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What to Do in Grand Rivers

Including Lake City

Grand Rivers, Kentucky and the surrounding area offers something for everyone, whether you're looking for family entertainment or outdoor adventures.

Grand Rivers Walking Trail & Jetty

In August of 2003, Kentucky Governor Paul Patton dedicated the new Grand Rivers Walking Trail & Jetty.  The trails runs across the jetty, by the picturesque harbor filled with scores of sailboats, and on to the heart of downtown Grand Rivers. In 2006, the trail was extended beyond downtown toward Lake Barkley, and now offers and mile-long nature hike from one end to the other. 

Badgett Playhouse

Located on JH O'Bryan Avenue in downtown Grand Rivers, the Badgett Playhouse is home to the Variety! Show and up to 12 additional musical productions each year.  The Badgett Playhouse has family-friendly, year-round entertainment featuring a professional cast of musicians, singers, and dancers.

Kentucky Lake / Kentucky Dam

Perhaps Grand Rivers is the only place in the world to have two massive dams.  The larger of the two, Kentucky Dam, took six years to complete.  This World War II-era dam was completed in 1944, impounding the Tennessee River to form Kentucky Lake.   The lake, in some places, is two miles wide.  Kentucky Lake is 184 miles long, covering 160,300 acres with water.  The dam itself is getting a major overhaul with the addition of a new 1200-foot lock.  The power plant at the dam generates hydroelectric power for west Kentucky. There are a couple of jetties below the dam that offer excellent fishing and snagging opportunities.

Lake Barkley / Barkley Dam

In 1964, the Cumberland River was dammed near Grand Rivers to form Lake Barkley.  Although still not quite as large at its sister Kentucky Lake, Lake Barkley provides recreation to west Kentucky with over 1000 miles of shoreline, and nearly 60,000 acres of water at summer pool.  The lake is 134 miles long and stretches to the Clarksville, TN area.  Lake Barkley is navigable and provides great opportunities for all types of recreation including fishing.

Land Between The Lakes

Grand Rivers is proud to be home of the northern entrance to The Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area.  The Land Between The Lakes, or LBL, offers a wide variety of activities and attractions including hunting, fishing, bird and wildlife watching, hiking, biking, educational centers, horseback riding, annual events, and so much more.  The 170,000-acre park features several nature centers, smaller lakes, historic sites, a buffalo-elk range, the list goes on a on.  LBL has more than one million visitors annually, so see for yourself why it is so popular.

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