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Cadiz, Kentucky
Cadiz, Kentucky
Cadiz, Kentucky
Closer Than You Think

Cool Morning Temps Helps Fishing Scene

Written by Kirk Weber - Published on August 29, 2019

Air Temperature: Low 57 High 87  
Water Temperature: Low 83  High 85 
Water Elevation:  356.5 (Summer pool 359') 
Water Clarity: 2’ to 3’ visibility (green stain)

With the air temperature a cool 57 degrees this morning, there was definitely a touch of fall in the air!  It is supposed to be a high of 90 degrees tomorrow so don’t put the shorts away just yet.

The fish catching has been pleasantly good this past month overall.  Of course, some days have been better than others.  I’ve found that being a versatile angler is very important to making good catches, especially this time of year!

One day might be bright and sunny and the next cloudy, cool and wet.  One day the fish are tight to cover and the next they’ll be suspended and scattered loosely in an area. One day the bite is deep and the next it is shallow.  These conditions call for different approaches and presentations.

Let the fish tell you where and how to fish on each and every given day!

For example:

Several days ago I fished two days with a long time client and friend, Charlie.  The first day we limited out on white bass in a couple hours, then went Bluegill fishing and caught well over a hundred, keeping 50 nice ones (extra good day).  The next day we started with White Bass, only caught ten fish in a couple hours, tried the Bluegills and they weren’t happening, so we went Crappie fishing and caught a dozen slabs.  Charlie likes his meat!

Another example:

Last weekend a couple friends were in for a year-end bass fishing classic tournament.  They pre-fished mostly shallow-ish ledges with little success.  I turned them on to the shallow bite with top waters and a couple spots.  They were impressed with the action they got and the number of Smallmouth Bass they caught. No, they didn’t win, but they felt like they were in the running!  A few days later I had a bass trip scheduled, so I stocked up on my top water selection and felt like I was well prepared.  Well, wouldn’t you know it, those bass wouldn’t touch our top water baits but readily ate a jig or Texas rigged plastic placed in their face!

I’ve been guiding 20+ years but still I learn this over and over.

Let the fish tell you where and how to fish on each and every given day!  Guess I’m not so smart!  I do try and remember past experiences and fish accordingly.  But, "fish in the present"!

I’ve mostly been Largemouth, Smallmouth, White and Yellow Bass fishing for the past month.  I have been checking on the Crappie bite and am encouraged by what I’m seeing.  It is possible to catch 16 nice slabs out of one brush pile in an hour right now.  I’ve done it!  It is also possible to only catch one here and there.  The Crappie bite should only improve as the water cools.  Only time will tell for sure.

I’ve been fishing one pole in-hand per person.  This is what I prefer, but I’m not above trolling if that is what it takes to catch some.


What to use: Top waters, jigs, Texas rigged and Carolina rigged plastics, swim baits, crankbaits and spinnerbaits will all produce fish at times.

Where to fish: Wood cover along the banks in the bays and on the main lake have been producing some good catches.  Shallower ledges on main lake and flats in the backs of bays are also producing at times.

Notes on Action: Not getting as many numbers as a month ago but getting some larger fish.


Spoons, spinners and crankbaits mostly on main lake but some in bays as well.


Red worms fished under a bobber 2’ to 8’ is what worked for me.


Jigs and minnows are producing.  Fish around brush mostly in 6’ to 20’ of water.


Night crawlers fished 20' to 40' deep will get some.

We have our August pictures posted on our website if you’d like to view recent pics. Check it out at

If interested in going fishing on KY Lake, feel free to call me at 270-354-6017

Good fishing to you!

Captain Kirk, OUT

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