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Cadiz, Kentucky
Cadiz, Kentucky
Cadiz, Kentucky
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Warm Temps, Dirty Water - Spring Time is Here!

Written by Brandon Hunter - Published on March 2, 2023

Welcome to 2023 and a year I am very excited about. It’s always nice to feel those warm air temperatures and the sun shining in the spring months. We have had a very mild winter and it's causing what appears to be an early spring in the making. If you have followed my reports over the last year or so, you know that the lakes have seen some tough times.

We have had a couple really good spawns and some crazy good shad spawns. Last fall, we started seeing shad again in the creeks like we did several years ago. A good population of Threadfin and Gizzard are showing back up. This is great news and I am excited to see what the future holds this year and over the next few years.

Bait fish and a good population of fish back in the lake are a great combination and I'm excited. Let's dive in and take a look at what's happening and what we can expect over the next few weeks here on Kentucky and Barkley Lakes.

Lake Conditions and What's Happening on the Lake

Water Temps: 58-62 depend on where you are on the lake

Lake Level: 354.40' and could change very quickly this time of year with heavy rains. Keep an eye on the TVA Lake Info App.

Water Color: Creeks are stained to dirty with some creeks being muddy. Main river is stained and clearing daily, but locally heavy rains will change the color of water this time of year.

The lake is in pretty good shape for all the recent rains we have had. As many of you know, this time of year, when we get a lot of rain, it can jump the lake up fast. With the warm nights and warm water temps, the stained, rising water will put those fish right up on the bank and easy to target. The local forecast is calling for heavy rains over the next few days.

Fish are up good and moving into those pre-spawn areas by the minute. The warm water temps and dirty water have them up there where they are easy to target. This time of year, fish are pretty easy to pattern if the weather and water levels hold.

Fish can be found on rock transition banks and creek channel swings in the creeks about half way to all the way back in the creeks. With the warm water temps and overall stain to dirty clarity, these fish are up in it and ready to eat.

The last couple weeks have been all about the power fishing techniques. Cranking, Spinnerbaits, and Lipless have been the best patterns. That could change when water clarity clears up, but for now with expected rains, I believe these patterns will hold.

Techniques and Where

Shallow Cranking - Channel banks in the creeks with rock transition and flat points with shallow water. You can’t get too shallow.

Specifics - 6th Sense Flat Finesse F4, Spro Little Jon

Colors - Red or Crawdad Colors, Yellow, Orange, and Mustard Colors

Spinnerbaits - Same areas as crankbaits but when it gets really shallow or alot of cover in the water, the spinnerbait comes into play more

Specifics - Accent Fishing 1/2 oz, 6th Sense Divine Spinnerbait

Colors - Spring Ding with the red kicker blade in the dirty water, Double willow in the cleaner water, Chart and White Skirt

Lipless - Windy flat rock points or Back in the creeks along rock transition and flats

Specifics - 6th Sense Quake or Duke, Any lipless of your choice

Colors - Red or Crawdad, Firetiger

For those of you who are not familiar with my service, I competed for eight years on the FLW Tour and continue to compete in the MLF Toyota Series Events. I am a full time, licensed and insured Captain, with first aid and CPR certification. I offer one-on-one training, technique-specific trips, fun bass fishing trips, and electronics training in your boat.

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