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Cadiz, Kentucky
Cadiz, Kentucky
Cadiz, Kentucky
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Bass Spawn Well Underway

Written by Scott McGlinchey - Published on May 9, 2022

The largemouth bass spawn has been well underway as they started on or about April 21 or 22. So far, since the spawn has started, I have been out every day except for one. The bass fishing has been really good. The spawning period lasts about one month and is usually over by about the middle of May.

If the water level is at normal pool my preference is to use a weightless trick worm. This year I am using black and sometimes pink. Alabama craw, white, and June bug are other colors that I have had great success with.

I use a 7-foot medium to medium heavy bait casting rod and spool it with 14 lb. Berkley green XT line and sometimes I use clear line. I can pitch the weightless worm under limbs so I don’t need a spinning rod but most professionals use a spinning rod to make those difficult casts.

When morning water temperatures hit 72 degrees the spawn is about over. However, there will still be quality bass in shallow water protecting or even eating the bass fry. So shallow fishing can still be excellent for a few weeks after the spawn is over.

I have seen the spawn end followed by a cold front which will lower the morning water temperature down to 68 degrees. This creates a last call to spawn for the largemouth bass.

While there may be bass still hanging around the shallow spawning flats up until June on Kentucky Lake, by mid-May there will be bass moving out to the first arrival ledges.

The bass fishing has really improved during the last two years. However the summer ledge fishing has been difficult. Many of the main river ledges that held hundreds of bass now are void of them. I made adjustments and focus on the ledges closer to the banks. If you find the right ledges the fishing can still be excellent.

Please check out my Shelldivers Guide Service Facebook page and As a guide I am here to show people the best time that I possibly can, help tournament fisherman gain an edge, and teach people different techniques and bass behavior.

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