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Cadiz, Kentucky
Cadiz, Kentucky
Cadiz, Kentucky
Closer Than You Think

Spring Is Almost Here!

Written by Eric Ashley - Published on February 28, 2022

I hope this report finds everyone doing well. As many are aware, we endured a deadly tornado on December 10 that decimated an area of our lake's region. While this tornado destroyed several towns in Kentucky, the Cambridge Shores area took a direct hit. The level of destruction was unlike anything I have ever seen.

Total destruction was all that was left. Beautiful homes were completely destroyed and lifetimes of work we’re gone, leaving nothing but a huge mess to sift through, looking for anything that will provide some sense of normalcy.

Houses, cars, boats, and torn away docks littered the water around the affected area, leaving debris as far as the eye can see. The devastation, although more localized, was in my opinion, much worse than the ice storm of 2009.

With such devastation around, it was amazing to see the outpouring of support for our community. It was also proven once again what kind of people we have in our communities. Neighbors helping neighbors, as well as support from out of town - truly an inspiration to see.

It was a shining example of loving your neighbor. I ask that you please continue to pray for those affected by this tragedy. I know several folks who lost it all. Regardless of who you are, or the amount of damage that was sustained, rebuilding is a tough set of circumstances to navigate through.

I had the opportunity in January to get back to one of the things I truly love: duck hunting. Me and my trusty sidekick Lucy did our best to find and kill some birds. While the season wasn’t stellar, I did manage to get Lucy some good work, with several hunts ending in a light shell bag, and a tired dog!

Once January had come and gone, the decoys and all things waterfowl had to be put away. It’s during this time of year, that I start longing for those warmer days of spring. I’ve been doing my springtime preseason boat maintenance to pass the time. Although I went through the boat in November when I put it away, I always double check things before my first trip out on the water.

Unlike the past couple of years, I have resumed dropping structure in the lake. I hope the weather will allow several more days of work dropping brush. It is hard work but, but also rewarding when you see your customers catch fish.

I will be starting my 2022 guide season on April 1 and the books are open for anyone who would like to try their luck. Last year's crappie season proved to be tough again on the north end of Kentucky lake. As the water warmed up and stabilized, the fishing improved greatly for other species. The yellow and white bass fishing proved to be hard to beat. Some days were just insane, while other days you had to work form. I hope 2022 holds as good a fishing as 2021 did.

I want to think everyone who fished with me last year, as well as the seasons before. I’m looking forward to the 2022 fishing season and what it has to offer. I have plenty of open dates. Booking your trip early, will ensure you get the dates you want.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to give me a call or text. I will be happy to discuss what I offer. I will be happy to talk with you about any concerns you have, and help you find lodging if needed. I look forward to hearing from everyone and would appreciate the opportunity for your business.

I will do everything I can, to show you a good time. If I can’t offer you the experience you are looking for, I will be happy to point you in the right direction of other reputable guides who can. Regardless of whether you fish with me or not, I want you to have a great time while you are here, and I will do what I can to the ensure that you have the trip of a lifetime.

I will be reporting in again as soon as I am done dropping structure and begin to prowl around looking for fish.

Until then, tight lines!

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