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Cadiz, Kentucky
Cadiz, Kentucky
Cadiz, Kentucky
Closer Than You Think

Bass Moving Out to the Ledges

Written by Scott McGlinchey - Published on May 18, 2021

The largemouth bass spawn at Kentucky Lake is about over while at Barkley it will continue for another week or two. Red ears have started to spawn and bluegills will start soon.

On Kentucky Lake when the bass spawn is near its end bass move out to ledges right away. For the last couple of weeks I have been catching bass offshore and have had some heavy limits.

Fishing ledges offshore is one of my favorite ways to catch bass. Last year the offshore fishing got off to a decent start then it fizzled out on many of the main river channel ledges. I had to adjust and focused on ledges inside of bays fishing underwater structure with brush and stumps which really paid off.

This year fishing has been significantly better than the last few years so I have high hopes of great ledge fishing for this summer.

Some of my favorite ledges baits and techniques are: Texas rigged 10 inch worm, a Carolina rig, big crankbaits, and one ounce spinnerbaits. When using a 10 inch worm I lift my rod about 3 feet slowly which moves the bait 1.5 towards me and 1.5 feet off the bottom.

With a Carolina rig I use a heavy weight a 3 to 4 foot leader point my rod right at the bait and use my real handle and drag the bait back to me at a certain rhythm. I throw crankbaits that run deeper than the area I am fishing so they get to the bottom quick. Then I let it bounce off the bottom. When you get real good with it you can count the roots on a stump. I fish the big spinnerbait by snatching it off the bottom then letting it fall back to the bottom on semi slack line.

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