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Cadiz, Kentucky
Cadiz, Kentucky
Cadiz, Kentucky
Closer Than You Think

Bass Spawn Nearing on Kentucky Lake

Written by Scott McGlinchey - Published on April 5, 2021

It’s been about three weeks since my last report and the fishing during these last few weeks has literally been up and down with the fluctuating water levels. We went from catching them on a shallow wood pattern to points and even out on the main lake fishing current breaks.

If we get enough rain the water can rise and the more rain we get the current will flow at a higher rate. For last year or more the trend has been to keep the lake at the seasonal level so current flows have increased allowing the angler to catch more fish in current breaks.

The last three large bass tournaments had more limits and heavier weights than we have seen in the last couple of years so the population of keeper sized bass has increased. There is a change coming and it will hit any day and that is the bass spawn. When it happens its like someone flipped a switch and all of sudden many of the bass will be in very shallow water, they make nests and lay eggs.

The spawn will last for a month, maybe longer. The spawn is one of my favorite times to fish, the weather is great, and I get to catch a lot of bass that other anglers won’t catch because they won’t go shallow enough.

Many fisherman will assume the bass have moved out to points. I use a weightless trick worm a lot during the spawn and I try encourage anglers to come and learn this technique as learning about the spawn and how to fish the trick worm is worth a lot more than a guide fee.

Crappies are being caught very shallow in recent days and will be spawning soon, if they haven’t already. Bluegills will spawn later than crappies and bass. Their spawning season lasts a little longer. If you tweak your electronics just right you can idle through shallow water and locate bluegill beds with side imaging. With my Lowrance HDS unit I had to go into the settings and choose a different transducer setting to get side imaging to work in super shallow water.

As a guide I specialize in taking people fishing to make sure they get to catch as many fish as possible. However one of the best values to fishing with me is what you can learn in a day. I know for certain I am as good as anyone can be at teaching any aspect of bass fishing. If you want to gain an edge in your tournament game I am here to help you. I have had several anglers win tournaments to include championship events. I can show how to use your electronics to catch more fish on any lake. I use the same skills I honed as a baseball and wrestling coach to help anglers better their fishing game! I have traveled to clients' home lakes where I have never fished to teach them how to catch more fish and win tournaments on their favorite lakes/bodies of water. Please checkout and like my Shelldivers Guide Service Facebook Page and my updated website.

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