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Cadiz, Kentucky
Cadiz, Kentucky
Cadiz, Kentucky
Closer Than You Think

Late Fall Fishing Resumes

Written by Steve McCadams - Published on November 20, 2019

Kentucky Lake's late fall fishing scene had a bit of a rebound this week as weather conditions finally settled down and seasonal temperatures returned.

Last week's winter weather upset the apple cart but this week forgiving fishermen were back at it. Several crappie anglers returned to front lines of fishing and got back into the battle.

Relatively light winds allowed anglers to fish all over the lake most days. Earlier this week temps rose into the upper 50's and eclipsed the 60-degree mark one day before rain entered the picture.

Lake levels have been stable lately. TVA has held the reservoir down around the 354.6 to 354.7 range this week in the Kentucky Dam sector. Elevation upstream around the New Johnsonville area has been similar. Water color across the reservoir is clear.

Surface temps were holding in the 49 to 51 degree range.

It appears the weatherman will continue to deliver average daily temperatures for late November but fishermen had to yield to a couple days of rain that saw many retreat until the weekend as rain chances diminish, although slightly cooler temps are forecast.

By early next week mild temps return as highs are forecast to reach the mid to upper 50's on Monday and Tuesday.

Crappie anglers scored a few decent stringers this week with some fishermen falling back to deeper depths in the aftermath of last week's frigid temps. The cold may have pushed baitfish back to deeper venues as some anglers had to drop back to the 18 to 20 foot depth range to find fish.

Several boats reported a decline in activity in the midrange depths of 8 to 13 feet last week once cold conditions descended.

Anglers vertical fishing jigs and minnows were able to slowly work the deep structures and prize out a few stubborn crappie that were sluggish to take a bait. Most anglers said patience was needed as the fish were holding tight to structure and reluctant to bite at first but persistence began to pay dividends.

Productive color combinations ranged from black/chartreuse to motor oil skirts sporting gold glitter. Live minnows also produced too.

With mild weather back on the scene watch for a few fish to return to midrange structure this week as odds are baitfish will move back up a bit now that bitter cold conditions have lost its grip.

Not many reports coming in from bass anglers although a few were targeting the east side of the reservoir and fishing small hair jigs and spin style finesse baits in hopes of encountering some smallmouth.

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