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Cadiz, Kentucky
Cadiz, Kentucky
Cadiz, Kentucky
Closer Than You Think

Winter Fishing Scene Mediocre for Most

Written by Steve McCadams - Published on December 26, 2018

Winter crappie anglers got a few nice days the last week or so when mild temps and light winds allowed them to venture out to main lake areas. There were a few windy days too when chilly conditions interrupted the fishing scene but sandwiched between some inclimate weather were opportunities. Crappie anglers are still struggling for the most part in their quest to find consistent catches of keeper fish. However, there have been a few decent stringers reported lately by lucky anglers who managed to find and catch some of the illusive panfish. Depths of 12 to 13 feet gave up a few fish for anglers targeting big bays on the east side of the reservoir lately. Most of the fish seemed to reside in such places as they dodged the current that has been in existence for several weeks. The overall early winter crappie fishing scene has been inconsistent for the bulk of anglers. An occasional success story filters in by a lucky boat or two who found a few fish one day only to lose them the next! If they return the next day hoping to duplicate their success it seems the fish are not there. TVA has been pulling water all week but projected the reservoir would be down to its low ebb of winter pool by this weekend. Elevation on Christmas Day was around 354.9 at Kentucky Dam. That’s down about a foot from a week ago at this time. Water color has been relatively clear across the reservoir. Surface temperatures have been in the 45 to 46 degree range. After a few mild days the forecast appears to be turning cooler by this weekend as some nasty north winds are expected to descend and chill the overall scene. Looks like winter weather will hang around well into next week, kicking off a cold start to the New Year. Temps are forecast to climb only into the mid 40’s and dropping down at night below the freezing mark.

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