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Cadiz, Kentucky
Cadiz, Kentucky
Cadiz, Kentucky
Closer Than You Think

Anglers Still Struggling

Written by Steve McCadams - Published on December 5, 2018

The late fall fishing scene has been inconsistent for bass and crappie anglers lately here on Kentucky Lake. The weatherman is topping the list of culprits as below average temperatures this week coupled with brisk northwest winds have dominated the fishing scene, keeping most anglers onshore. Last weekend had some warm temps but high winds curtailed activity for most fishermen who chose not to venture out in the heavy rains that paved the way for another major cold front. Cold weather has lingered the last few days and will hang around through the weekend it appears. The cool conditions might suit waterfowlers, deer hunters and small game hunters but not fishermen. Many are fighting cabin fever as it has been several days since decent fishing conditions lured anglers out on the water. Despite heavy rains last weekend Kentucky Lake’s elevation hasn’t fluctuated too much. TVA projects the reservoir to stay close to its low ebb of winter pool for several more days. For the weekend TVA projects the reservoir to be in the 354.8 range, which is down a foot or more from last week at this time. Water color is still clear despite the heavy rains across most of the reservoir. Surface temperatures are in the 48 degree range. Not many crappie boats have been out testing the water this week. There are always a few die-hard anglers willing to challenge the elements but overall, action has been slow. The wind and temps just haven’t allowed boaters to venture out on the open water areas and stalk main lake ledges for the deep water patterns. A few boats dodged the wind as best they could back in secondary bays and in the West Sandy sector. Some crappie taken in 12 to 15 foot depth ranges but most anglers struggling to achieve double digit numbers of keeper size fish. Bass fishing hasn’t been too good either as it has also been a victim of unstable weather that has felt more like winter that late fall. Most anglers are huddled up and riding out the bad weather indoors, choosing to do most of their early December fishing next to the fire! They’re waiting for weather patterns to break and settle down with some rising temperatures and mild winds.

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