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Cadiz, Kentucky
Cadiz, Kentucky
Cadiz, Kentucky
Closer Than You Think

Fishing Scene Cools; Warm-Up On The Way

Written by Steve McCadams - Published on November 28, 2018

The Kentucky Lake fishing scene cooled off this week courtesy of frigid temperatures and gale northwest winds that kept anglers on shore and close to the fire. Anglers have ridden a roller coaster of weather patterns during November, which had them off balance for most of the month. Last week a few crappie anglers took advantage of a couple of sunny days and relative light winds to stalk the main lake areas and land a few scattered fish from deep water. Most of the fish around the West Sandy sector were caught in 12 to 15 foot depths by anglers spider rigging or slow trolling. The fish appeared to be a bit suspended and scattered but a few were taken by anglers tipping jigs with minnows. In the Paris Landing sector most of the crappie taken came from deeper ledges in the main lake area. Depths of 22 to 25 feet gave up a few fish as anglers stalked deep structure with a minnow/jig combo presentation. Some boats were vertical fishing jigs and minnows over submerged stakebeds in 10 to 14 foot depths but fish were very scattered there. Watch for the late fall crappie bite to rebound this weekend and early next week if weather moderates. Overall water color is pretty good for fishing. Lake levels started falling last weekend after cresting more than two feet above normal winter pool for more than a week. At midweek the elevation was back down to 355 after cresting late last week at 357.4 range. Surface temperatures have fallen back to the 46 to 47 degree range as cold nights have had an influence. The weatherman says a warmup is on the way for the weekend as temps are forecast to reach the 60-degree range. That will pull a lot of anglers back to the lake in the days ahead. Bass fishing hasn’t had much to brag about lately but there were a few boats banging away at gravel banks and rock points with crankbaits and suspending jerkbaits. Also drawing the attention of bass fishermen were rip-rap banks where crankbaits and Rattle Trap style baits proved to be popular choices. It’s that time of the year when anglers are at the mercy of the elements and must pick their days. Some days are just too cold and windy to venture out but usually the bitter cold doesn’t last too long, allowing anglers to get back out on the water after a short hiatus of chilly conditions that thrill duck and deer hunters but keep anglers at bay.

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