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Yearly Normal Water Temperatures Adjusted

December 18, 2017 | Staff Report

The normal water temperatures have been adjusted slightly for Kentucky Lake. Data from Murray State University's Hancock Biological Station (HBS) was analyzed to get more accurate average water temperatures.

The previous data was based on archived fishing reports and normal air temperatures. Now, with 13 years worth of data provided by HBS, we have the best data possible.

The water temperatures reported on this site are surface-based and are measured in Ledbetter Bay near Kenlake State Park. Water temps are also measured at about seven feet down at this site, but typically the data is nearly the same. During the afternoon heat or very cold mornings, the temperatures at the surface and seven feet below can be different, but typically they are within two degrees of each other.

The biggest changes to the data are spring time average temperatures, which have been lowered by one to three degrees. Some minor adjustments were made to fall temperatures, but generally the winter and summer average temps were on target with our previous data.

The lowest reading recorded was on January 12, 2010 when the daily average temperature dropped to 36.2 degrees. The highest daily average reading was 90.8 degrees set back on August 2, 2011. During that day, the temperature actually peaked at 92 degrees.

You can view the average water temperatures chart here.

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