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Photos of Demolition of Old Eggners Ferry Bridge

August 6, 2016 - While enjoying the day out on Kentucky Lake, we took some close-up photos of the remains of the old Eggners Ferry Bridge crossing Kentucky Lake at Aurora.

The new bridge at left and the old one, or what's left of it, at right.

Span A of the old Eggners Ferry Bridge.  This span wasn't blown up; it was taken down by cranes.

A large concrete support in the process of being removed from the main channel.

Another shot of the concrete support in the main channel.

Span F on the LBL side of the bridge along with a middle portion of one of the main spans that was blown up.

Editor's Note:  You can see real-time updates from the Eggners Ferry Live Camera.

Photo by Angela Smith

Everything in nature is a reflection of everything. Calm evenings on Kentucky Lake produces a stunning mirror image of nature.