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Land Between The Lakes History

Golden PondTVA recognized the geographical uniqueness of the Kentucky Lakes Area when Lake Barkley was created in the 1960s.  This led to the creation of the Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area.  The first campground, Rushing Creek Campground, opened in 1964.  Over the next four years, TVA would be relocating thousands of individuals from the 170,000-acre area to other places.

This meant abolishing the town of Golden Pond (seen right, courtesy TVA), which in 1960 had about 200 residents. Golden Pond was a thriving community located on US 68 in the middle of LBL.  The town was abolished officially in 1969 and people were moved away.  All that remained of Golden Pond were a couple of roads and a curb.  And now with the new four-lane US 68, what few remnants of the town were remaining are now gone.

It should be noted that the LBL Visitor's Center and other facilities list themselves in Golden Pond, but they are not in the actual old town.

Throughout LBL you will find all sorts of old home sites, old cemeteries, roads, trails, and historical attractions such as the Great Western Furnace and the Center Furnace.  For more information on LBL's history, visit the Golden Pond Visitor's Center on US 68.

Photo by Angela Smith

Everything in nature is a reflection of everything. Calm evenings on Kentucky Lake produces a stunning mirror image of nature.