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Kentucky Lakes Area History

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Kentucky Dam DedicationThe history of the Kentucky Lake area offers unique perspective on how our region has changed over the last several decades.  For instance, did you know that entire towns, one with over 2500 residents, had to be completely relocated when the lakes were built?  And did you know that thousands of people were relocated when the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) purchased over 170,000 acres of land to form a national recreation area?

Something of this magnitude doesn't seem possible.  But it happened, beginning in 1938 and lasting over the next 30 years.  We invite you to take a look at the wonderful history of the Kentucky Lakes Area.   And if you have something to share, please get in touch with us.

Pictured at right is the dedication of Kentucky Dam in 1945.  US President Harry S. Truman is shown speaking.

Kentucky Lake History

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Historical Maps

  • Find historic highway maps before the creation of Kentucky Lake, Lake Barkley, or LBL.  State and county maps are available for download.

Be sure to check out Explorations, our first-hand accounts of historical attractions of the Kentucky Lakes Area.

Photo by Angela Smith

Kentucky sunrises can dirty dance with the best of them. Experience yours at Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley.