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Archived Fishing Report

Bass and Crappie Action Heat Up

Written by Steve McCadams | Originally published 03/08/2012

Everything continues to point toward an early spring as anglers enjoyed another week of warm weather with above average temperatures. Overall conditions seem to be a week or two ahead of schedule as trees are budding, flowers are blooming, and surface temperature continues to rise.
Kentucky Lake anglers had some warm, sunny days but had to pay a price in the form of strong southern breezes that limited access to open water fishing holes the last few days. March madness sometimes comes in the form of strong winds that produce whitecaps and that was the scenario some days.
Crappie and bass anglers have taken it all in stride, however, and recorded some good catches lately. A few days the wind forgot to blow and anglers were out in force taking advantage of the near record high temperatures that really stimulated fishing fever.
Surface temperatures this week were in the 52 to 54 degree range and even exceeded that in the upper end of some bays where shallow zones were responding to beaming sunlight.
Water color has been clear across most of the reservoir throughout the Paris Landing and Big Sandy sector.
Lake levels have been falling slowly and projected to be in the 355.2 range at Kentucky Dam as the weekend approaches. Upstream in the New Johnsonville area elevation will be in the 355.3 range. Lake levels will likely hold stable this weekend and into next week barring any heavy rains.
Good stringers of crappie have been coming in from anglers working jigs and shiner minnows over midrange structure. Popular producing depth ranges have been 7 to 12 feet with a few boats landing decent numbers from deeper ledges with structure around 20 feet deep.
Techniques have ranged from boats slow trolling or pulling long lines with jigs to casting grubs or vertical fishing jigs smack dab down in the submerged cover. At times all the presentations have worked too.
Earlier this week some decent numbers  crappie were taken in the West Sandy sector all the way from Broadview up to Springville pumphouse. Boats were able to dodge the wind there too on some days when other areas were tough to fish.
Speaking of Springville pumphouse; anglers there have been catching some good stringers in the nighttime hours. A few bank fishermen are casting jigs beneath lighted bobbers and doing well.
Down toward the power lines and further toward Paris Landing boats were reporting nice catches as well with midrange depths of 8 to 12 feet paying dividends.  Popular jig colors have ranged from blue/chartreuse to red/chartreuse with glitter, and some variations of green and yellow.
Live minnows have worked too but jigs seemed to be at the top of the list. There are still good numbers of small fish showing up but it appeared more larger fish were entering the equation this week. 
Spring is still about two weeks away as to its official place on the calendar but spring conditions are already here.
Bass fishermen are doing well as the warmer surface temps continue to pull fish up toward shallow flats and points. There are still a few boats working main lake ledges and feeder creeks that empty into deep water so a combination of patterns and depths are producing fish.
Crawfish colored crankbaits are working well as are some suspending jerk baits and jig and craw combos worked slowly around big chunk rock points and gravel banks. Rattle Trap style baits are working good too with dark red and black, shad, and brown and orange color combinations among the producers.
In deeper areas the new Alabama rig craze continues as anglers toss the multi-hook rig armed with shad colored swim baits. The rig is the current fad among the ranks of bass anglers as the schooling baitfish presentation has really appealed to deeper bass venues.
Good numbers of bass are showing up lately and the prespring bite is alive and well. Watch for those gravel banks and points to pay dividends for the next few weeks as the fish transition toward shallow, warmer water. 
It has been another good week of fishing on Kentucky Lake despite having to yield to the March wind at times. The weatherman indicates decent weather is ahead next week too so the warming trend continues to accelerate the biological clock of the fish.

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Good Times
Photo by Angela Smith

Being on Kentucky Lake is always a treasure. You hear it, feel it, see it, and sometimes smell it. It's always a good time at Kentucky Lake.