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Archived Fishing Report

Dave Stewart's Fishing Report

Written by Dave Stewart | Originally published 11/20/2008

Kentucky Lake:  Water Level at Ky Dam - 354.53   Surface Temperature -  51

Lake Barkley:  Water Level at Barkley Dam - 354.65  Surface Temperature - 52
Both lakes are less than one foot over winter pool.  Ol man winter showed up in the lakes area this week in the form of arctic cold frontal systems and it has been cold and windy.  Night time lows have been in the low to mid 20's this week.  

Tomorrow the high temperature will not get out of the 30's.  But there is hope in the forecast.  The high's over the weekend and next week are forecasted to be in the 50's and low's in the 30's.  There has been little activity on the lakes this week with the cold weather but some souls have braved the cold and are catching some fish.
Largemouth Bass:  Largemouth Bass are being taken on main lake primary points, secondary points and associated creek channel banks in the creeks and bays.  These fish are feeding on schools of shad and are taking crankbaits, spinnerbaits, suspending jerkbaits and shaky head worms.  Largemouth are being taken in open water over old creek creek channels where they are feeding on schools of shad.  These fish are being taken by ripping spoons and lipless crankbaits.  Some Largemouth are still being taken on the shallow flats in the backs of the creeks and bays and on the main lake.  These fish are being taken on spinnerbaits and lipless crankbaits.  
Smallmouth Bass:  Some nice Smallmouth have been reported but not in numbers.  These reports indicate a scattered bite of single fish being taken on main lake primary and secondary points using crankbaits, suspending jerkbaits and tube jigs.  
Some of the productive lures reported this week are:  Rapala DT series crankbaits in black/silver, Bandit crankbaits in rootbeer and rootbeer/chartreuse, Rapala X-raps in black/silver, Lucky Craft pointer in aurora black and chartreuse shad, Strike King red eye shad in blue/chrome and sexy shad and Hook Some Bass spinnerbaits in blue glimmer.
Crappie:  Crappie are being taken over brush piles along old creek channels in 8-15 ft of water.  These fish are being taken by fishing vertically with small tube jigs and minnow/jig combinations.  The Crappie bite is reported as scattered.  
Bluegill/Yellow Bass:  Good catches of Bluegill and Yellow Bass are being reported in the same brushpiles the Crappie anglers are fishing in 8-15 ft of water.  These fish are being taken by fishing with small jigs baited with worms.  Good numbers of Yellow Bass are also being taken under the schools of shad in the creeks and bays by vertically jigging spoons and small curly tail jigs.
FLASH:  As many folks know, I do a some pure teaching type bass fishing trips during the year.  These include ledge fishing, lake familiarization etc.  One thing all these trips have in common is that I teach a class as a part of these trips.  The class I teach is How to Eliminate Water.  

I have had a number of folks take this class over the past few years in conjunction with these teaching trips and the word of mouth advertisement from these folks has made this class very popular.  I have had a number of requests recently to teach this class this winter without the on the water portion of the trips.  I will agree with folks that the classroom portion is definitely the most important part of the trips because in the class you learn how to eliminate water and find bass.  

This is the basics of successful bass fishing and I have found that many bass anglers really struggle to do this consistently or in some cases not at all.  
I have decided that I will offer this class to anyone desiring to take it this winter beginning now thru the end of February next year.  The classes will be limited to one or two people and will be held here at my home just outside Benton near the lakes.  The price for this class will be 150.00 (covers one or two people).  The classes will last 5 hours and normally will be given during the day, but we can arrange an evening class if needed.  
What you will learn in the class:
How to Eliminate 80% of the water before you ever leave the house (trip preplanning) using a topographical map 

How to locate the highest percentage spots to be holding bass anytime of the year.

How to make adjustments on the water when the weather/water conditions change

Tips on lures, techniques, alternate patterns

Questions and Answers:  A chance to go one on one with me to answer your questions about these lakes, bass etc.
This information can be applied to any lake with a shad forage base.

If you are interested in taking this class, contact me via email or phone to book your class date or make further inquiry. 

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Remarkable Sunset
Photo by Jennifer Dunnaway

This is one of my favorite photographs of a Kentucky Lake sunset taken from the eastern shore of Kentucky Lake near Fenton.