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Archived Fishing Report

Dave Stewart's Fishing Report

Written by Dave Stewart | Originally published 06/30/2005

Kentucky Lake:  Water level at Ky Dam - 359.18   Surface Temperature - 83

Lake Barkley:  Water level at Barkley Dam - 359.05  Surface Temperature - 83
Both lakes are at summer pool levels with very little fluctuation.  This has been a week of hot and humid days with very little wind.  Daytime ledge bass fishing was overall a little slow this week due to the lack of current for those of us that use lures to catch our fish ie:...we don't use live baits...but we still managed to catch some fish early and late in the day near shallow vegetation.  

The better daytime bite was on opportunity fishing with some schools of Largemouth that came up in jumps feeding on baitfish.  I did receive some good reports of bass being taken at night on lures, both Largemouth and Smallmouth.  I also received some good reports of White Bass catches and I must say that I have seen more jumps over the past week than I did all summer last year.  These jumps are not yet lasting very long but the whites I have seen in the jumps seem to be surfacing in the same area pretty frequently so they are not moving far between jumps.  
The Largemouth Bass can be taken early and late in the day near shallow vegetation on topwater lures, Texas rigged tubes and creature baits and jigs.  The primary daytime pattern for Largemouth is to fish the humps and ledges on the main lake and near the mouths of the deeper bays with deep running crankbaits, Carolina rigged worms, creature baits, and tubes and by slack lining Texas and Florida rigged large worms as well as jigs.  Some schooling Largemouth are surfacing on primary and secondary points feeding on baitfish and are providing some good opportunity fishing for short periods.  These fish can be taken on topwater lures and crankbaits.  
The Smallmouth Bass can be taken early and late in the day by fishing rocky main lake points and deeper secondary points in the bays with Texas rigged tubes and jigs.  The primary daytime pattern for Smallmouth is to fish the main lake river ledges with Carolina rigged creature baits and tubes as well as slack lining jigs.  The better Smallmouth fishing is at night during the summer months.  These night time feeders can be taken on rocky main lake primary points and secondary points in the bays with dark colored spinnerbaits, Texas rigged tubes and jigs.
Some of the productive lure reported this week are:  Lucky Craft sammy in ghost lemon shad and american shad, Chatterbuzz buzzbaits in white, Norman deep diving crankbaits in blue/chartruese, Rapala DT series crankbaits in bluegill, Hook Some Bass tubes in green pumpkin, Hook Some Bass brush hounds in watermelon/purple, Sensation sweet beaver in watermelon/red, Zoom monster worms in plum and green pumpkin, Net Baits Paca craw in green pumpkin,  Booyah and Hook Some Bass jigs in black/brown and black/blue and Booyah and Stan Sloan spinnerbaits in black/blue and black/purple with single Colorado blades(night time fishing).
The White Bass are active along the main river ledges and adjacent flats as well as near main lake points.  These fish are being taken by fishing inline spinners and small spoons fished vertically and by trolling these lures behind deep diving crankbaits.  Some fish are being taken in the jumps with these lures although the jumps are of short duration.
The Bluegill can be taken early and late in the day near mayfly hatches on crickets fished under bobbers.  Bluegill are also being taken around docks on crickets and worms fished under bobbers.
The Catfish are being taken near the main river channels on bottom rigs with yellowtail, cut baits, shrimp, and leeches.  
The lakes will be very crowded this weekend with the holiday traffic.  Please be careful and be courteous to your fellow boaters.  Heat indexes are very high right now during the day...make sure you take and drink plenty of water and remember that alcohol and boating does not mix.

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Geese in Flight
Photo by Murray Blake

These Canadian geese are just beginning their yearly migration south to avoid the long, cold winter. They will return in spring to the welcoming waterways of the Kentucky Lakes Area.