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Kentucky Lake Area Events

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Tonight's Sky: Camping Under the Stars

Where:  LBL - Golden Pond Planetarium - 238 Visitor Center Dr

When:  April 1, 2019 thru May 31, 2019 - 1:00 p.m. Daily

Contact:  (270) 924-2233

Many people envision a brilliant rendering of the night sky star field displayed on the domed theater screen whenever they think of a planetarium. All planetariums did tours of the night sky once upon a time. We used analog star instruments and it was the highlight of the programming. As our media moved more towards digital technology, many planetariums began featuring more dynamic offerings using all the new bells and whistles technology afforded.

We have also gone in this brave new direction, but we will also always keep one block each day dedicated to a live star show. This is that show, the one where we spend the full 45 minutes touring the sky, highlighting star patterns and planets currently visible in the early evening. We also highlight and discuss locating deep-sky objects, these are those objects of interest which are a little farther from home, things you may want to search for if you have a medium to large size telescope. And of course, all this brought to you via a live presentation with a real person talking to you. This is a live interpretation of the night sky and may not be suitable for younger audiences who might find it challenging to sit quietly through a live presentation.

Showtimes are 1:00 p.m. daily. Admission fees apply. Recommended for age 6 and above. Download the showtimes tables here.

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