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Kentucky Lake Area Events

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Laser Legends of the Night Sky

Where:  LBL - Golden Pond Planetarium - 238 Visitor Center Dr

When:  February 5, 2019 thru February 28, 2019 - Various Times

Contact:  1-800-LBL-7077

Children and adults will enjoy this animated laser show where Aesop the owl will lead you on a lighthearted look at the Greek mythology associated with some of the constellations. This includes the stories behind the mighty warrior Perseus; the beautiful princess Andromeda; Cetus, the terrible sea monster, Scorpio the scorpion; and Orion the hunter. A non- laser full-dome version of this show is also available. Showtimes are held throughout the day. For details, call (270) 924-2233.

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Photo by Melodie Cunningham

These geese float gracefully on a warm autumn day. Honker Lake was actually named for the number of Giant and Interior Canadian geese it attracts.