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Hematite Trail Update

October 29, 2015 | Press Release from Land Between The Lakes

Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area will host an Open House on Saturday, November 14, from 1 to 3pm to update interested members of the public on the progress to repair their popular Hematite Trail. Forest Service staff will be available at information tables at the Woodlands Nature Station picnic pavilion. In case of bad weather, the Open House will move inside to the Woodlands Nature Station’s theater.

“These past few years have been rough on Hematite Trail,” explained Jeff Laird, Customer Service Manager at Land Between The Lakes. “Several areas of the trail have safety issues, such as portions of the boardwalk have shifted away and trail edges have eroded into the lake. We have completed emergency repairs only. We know how important this trail is to our visitors. People enjoy the unique environmental education experiences Hematite Trail provides. We want to make the trail whole again. We have been researching various options to rehabilitate Hematite Trail. This Open House will update the public on our findings.”

The Forest Service’s goal is to develop an economical plan that maintains and rehabilitates the trail while also providing a low level of annual maintenance and protects the surrounding natural resources. They anticipate that any work on Hematite Trail may need to be carried out in phases over multiple years, due to the nature of the repairs, location along the trail, and associated costs.

Individuals, especially those who are unable to attend the November 14 Open House, can go online to review the maintenance findings and needs atwww.landbetweenthelakes.us/stewardship/land-resource-management/projects/project_detail/?project=47953. Written comments with the subject line of “Hematite Trail” can be emailed to comments-southern-land-between-lakes@fs.fed.us.

Land Between The Lakes requested help from the Forest Service’s Trails Unlimited Enterprise Team, to develop ideas for Hematite Trail. Trails Unlimited has experience at Land Between The Lakes, having worked on the Central Hardwoods Scenic Trail along Highway US68/KY80 and other, smaller trail projects.

A partial list of possible repairs includes:

  • Replacing approximately 1,000 feet of boardwalk and three complex bridges
  • Rerouting and improving over 300 feet of trail
  • Replacing the photo blind with a shoreline viewing blind
  • Reconstructing the overlook
  • Adding a parking lot and a connecting trail to the overlook allowing for a more accessible entry to the natural beauty that surrounds Hematite Lake.
 People are encouraged to arrive anytime between 1 and 3pm on Saturday, November 14, to talk about Hematite Trail with the Forest Service. Site photos, trail needs, rehabilitation ideas, and potential costs will be available at the information tables.

Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area manages more than 170,000 acres in western Kentucky and Tennessee as part of the U.S. Forest Service and the Department of Agriculture’s public lands program. Land Between The Lakes offers outdoor recreation, lake access, land management, and environmental education to over 1.4 million visitors annually. The Friends of Land Between The Lakes works in partnership with the Forest Service providing program services, funds development, and volunteer support.

To find more information about Land Between The Lakes, log on to the official website at www.landbetweenthelakes.us or call toll-free at 1-800-LBL-7077 or local at 270-924-2000. For more information on the Friends of Land Between The Lakes, log on to www.friendsoflbl.org. To subscribe to the official electronic newsletter, send an email toLBLinfo@fs.fed.us. Land Between The Lakes official Twitter accounts include @LBLScreechOwl, @LBLNature, @LBLHomeplace, and @LandBtwnLakes, and Pinterestwww.pinterest.com/lblnra. Photos are available on Flickr for downloading at https://www.flickr.com/photos/lblkytn/sets.

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Photo by Jill Asher

The Elk and Bison Prairie in Land Between The Lakes is one of the most popular attractions for visitors year-round.