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Gilbertsville - Calvert City - Kentucky Dam

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Welcome to Gilbertsville!

Including Calvert City, Kentucky Dam, Bear Creek & Sledd Creek

Gilbertsville is an area that represents the northern portion of Kentucky Lake.  Kentucky Dam and Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park can be found in the Gilbertsville area.  The Gilbertsville area also includes Calvert City, Bear Creek and Sledd Creek.  

In and around Gilbertsville, you will find several motels, campgrounds, resorts, marinas and restaurants.  You can also check out Gilbertsville events for the latest happenings around the community.

Lodging In & Around Gilbertsville

A Closer Look at the Gilbertsville Area

There are many things to do in and around Gilbertsville especially if you love the outdoors.  Fishing, boating, and other recreational opportunities are waiting for you.

For those considering relocating to the Gilbertsville area, you can get a closer look at the community and also take a look at Gilbertsville, Kentucky real estate agencies.  You can even view a list of churches in Gilbertsville.

Beaver Dam Outlook
Photo by Melodie Cunningham

The view from the top of this beaver dam shows a Kentucky Lake inlet in late spring. An inlet like this one is habitat to a variety of exciting wildlife and plants just waiting to be explored!