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Must Have Bank Fishing Gear for Beginners

September 20, 2017 | Jessica Perkins

No matter where you choose to fish at Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley, you’ll find the best catches result from having the proper fishing equipment. Those who desire to cast their line from the bank should not only pick their spot carefully, but they should also choose their bank fishing gear with some thoughtfulness, as well. A well-stocked fishing tackle box is a must-have resource for any anglers fishing from the banks of the lakes.

Fishing Rod and Reel

The type of rod and reel you select all depends on the type of fish you’re hoping to reel in. Be sure that the equipment you use has been proven effective and powerful enough for whatever variety of fish you seek from crappie to bass, bluegill and more.

Topographical Map

Another important tool for any bank fisherman is the topographical map. This will indicate the water’s depth at each location. Those locations found near deeper waters are likely to enjoy a more productive fishing experience. You can find these at the various tackle and bait shops and marinas located around Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley.

Fishing Bait

While it’s common to use live worms as fishing bait, these critters may not be the best way to lure in all types of fish. In fact, worms are good for hooking bluegills, while minnows are a more appropriate bait for catching crappie and bass. Live bait is great, but some fishermen also find that items such as plastic worms and other lures work well with certain types of fish at Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley. You can find live bait and other fishing gear for your tackle box at a nearby bait shop or at one of the lake region’s many marinas.

Hooks, Lines and Sinkers

It’s important to maintain a well-stocked fishing tackle box when bank fishing. You never know when your line will get tangled in debris or when it might break. In fact, there are a variety of hooks, fishing lines, sinkers, lures, bobbers and other fishing gear available to bank fishermen. The key is to find the equipment that works best for each type of fish. For instance, bass anglers will want to be sure they have a reel that holds at least 100 yards of quality fishing line that has been tested and proven to hold bass. The right equipment can make all the difference.

First Aid Kit

Unfortunately, there will be times when a finger cuts caught in a fishing hook or some other small mishap will take place. Always keep your First Aid kit stocked with bandages, antiseptic ointment and waterproof medical tape.

Other Fishing Gear

Some simple, yet helpful, tools for bank fishing include a pair of needle nose pliers that can be used to remove hooks from the fish you catch. You should stock your tackle box with some form of line cutter. This can be anything from a set of nail clippers to a knife.

Bank Fishing is Fun for Everyone

Bank fishing has many benefits to anglers of all ages. It’s an affordable way to fish without having to own or rent a fishing boat. It’s also a great way to get the whole family involved in something fun they can do together.

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