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Despite Tornado Damage, Moors Resort & Marina Open for Business

June 26, 2019 | Staff Report

Despite an EF1 tornado striking Moors Resort & Marina on Kentucky Lake last Sunday, June 23, all resort facilities except two damaged docks are open for business.

Kathy Wood, owner of Moors Resort, told us in an email it’s business as usual at Moors.

“We need to spread the word we are open for business as usual,” Wood said.

“It is crazy how the marina store, gas dock, transient dock and boat rentals are perfect. Even the other side of the damage is C-Dock and it had absolutely no damage. Of course, everything on land is fine.”

The National Weather Service conducted a survey and determined a brief tornado was the cause of the damage to two docks at the resort. The tornado was rated an EF1 with winds of 100 mph.

A terrifying security video of the destruction as it happened was posted to YouTube by the resort (see the video below).

Remarkably, despite people scrambling for safety nearby, no one was injured at the marina.

The resolve of the staff and management of Moors Resort is to be admired. Continuing services and rebounding so quickly in the aftermath of the tornado proves their commitment to serve their customers.

“We have dealt with a much worse tornado in 2005, two major dock fires, an ice storm and much more, but we never dealt with them in our busiest season,” Wood said.

And with each setback the resort has endured, they have always emerged stronger.

Moors Resort & Marina is open for business! Visit their website for more information.

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