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Land Between the Lakes Takes New Measures for Harvested Deer

December 18, 2018 | Land Between The Lakes Press Release

The U.S. Forest Service at Land Between the Lakes now prohibits the transport of harvested deer across state lines inside the National Recreation Area.

Forest Service officials are taking this step to prevent the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease.

Seven white-tailed deer have tested positive for CWD in the state of Tennessee according to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. Both Kentucky and Tennessee are now limiting the transport of certain deer parts across state lines.

Land Between the Lakes spans both Kentucky and Tennessee with Hunter Check Stations in each. Hunters at Land Between the Lakes are now required to check animals at the Hunter Check Station in the state of harvest. It is unlawful to transport deer onto Land Between the Lakes that were harvested outside the boundary.

“This is a very serious disease that can have catastrophic impacts on our deer and elk herds,” said John Westbrook, Environmental Stewardship manager at Land Between the Lakes. “We want people to have spectacular hunting experiences for years to come at Land Between the Lakes. It’s so important that hunters follow the rules to keep the spread of CWD isolated.”

According to the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, “hunters are prohibited from bringing any deer from Tennessee into Kentucky unless the brain and spinal column have been removed first.” The U.S. Forest Service fully supports the respective states and encourages hunters to check with game processors before transporting any harvested meat across state lines.

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