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Carp Madness II "Bowfishing Edition" Brings In Over 10 Tons of Carp

Carp Madness II

Hundreds of pounds of carp are being loaded into bins for weighing. Photo courtesy KDWFR.

The Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources (KDFWR) hosted "Carp Madness II - Bowfishing Edition" this past weekend. The fishing tournament attracted 81 boats from 11 states across the region.

Two divisions were featured - a Lakes Division and a Rivers Division.

There were 33 participants in the Lakes Division with first place going to the group "Making Moves" who speared 1,104 lbs. of carp. The Rivers Division was led by "Descalin" with 1,007 lbs. of carp.

A total of 16,822 pounds of carp were taken by 81 boats. An additional 3,000-5,000 lbs of carp "jumped in the boats" according to a Facebook post from KDFWR.

"Thanks to our bowfishermen, this tournament resulted in over 20,000 pounds of Asian carp removed from our waters. More importantly this tournament helps bring more attention to this extremely important issue," the KDFWR added.

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