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Rising Lake Levels Kick Off Strong Start to Bass Fishing

March 2, 2018 | Jessica Perkins

Licensed fishing guide Rodney Hairgrove says bass fishing is doing quite well around the Lakes right now. The water levels of Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley are on the rise as a result of the torrents of rain that have flooded the region in recent weeks. Bass are sensitive to changes in water levels, which means they move into more shallow waters along banks that are newly inundated.

Hairgrove says now is a good time to get out on the waters with the right kind of gear.

“Anglers are using crankbaits just inside the bay,” he says. “I’m hearing stories of crazy numbers of bass fish right now.”

A general rule of thumb for anglers to follow during seasons of rising water is to “go shallow.” Hairgrove says that the banks around Kentucky Lake are teeming with bass fish. Now is a good time to find a bank with deep water nearby and cast towards the bank.

Bass react to rising water levels by generally moving to more shallow spots along the lake. They tend to favor locations that are likely to attract bait fish and other food. They also seek shelter along these newly submerged banks. Old bank lines and blown down trees also provide a launching point for an early spring ascent for female bass ready to spawn.

For those seeking to crappie fish, Hairgrove says that anglers are finding good results in the 10-12’ depths around the lakes. But it’s slowing down as bass fishing kicks into full swing.

Bass anglers are in for a good start to the season, Hairgrove says. “We’re just getting started.”

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