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Flooding Causing Hazardous Road Conditions in LBL

Flooding Causing Hazardous Road Conditions in LBL

LBL Staff photo taken in the Elk & Bison Prairie.

The U.S. Forest Service at Land Between the Lakes warns visitors that area flooding may create dangerous road conditions and cause closures now through Sunday.

Jenny Ridge Road, Energy Lake Road and the Elk & Bison Prairie have been closed due to road damage or high water. We expect that other roads are in similar condition. If you must travel on our back roads please use extreme caution.

Soils are already saturated and the National Weather Service is forecasting more rain with a chance of severe weather. Roads already submerged will be impassible and ford crossings may be dangerous.

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Good Morning
Photo by Nancy Smith

Campers at Land Between The Lakes are often greeted by morning fog rising off of the water and a gorgeous view.