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6 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Anglers

December 12, 2017 | Jessica Perkins

While December isn’t exactly the prime season for fishing on Kentucky Lake, it is a great time for anglers to get their boats and tackles in good shape before spring fishing kicks off. If you’ve got an angler on your Christmas list this year, you'll want to check out these great stocking stuffer ideas brought to you by Kentucky Lake fishing guide Rodney Hairgrove.

1. Performance treble hooks for jerk and crank baits.

A hook change can really improve an angler’s performance.

2. Marker buoys.

Good fishing technology is a must-have in bass fishing, and marker buoys are also a big part of an angler’s fishing success.

3. Updated map card of Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley for GPS.

A good map card will give anglers the detail they need to fish the lakes, from knowing where to find brush piles to locating log structures.

4. New inflatable personal flotation device.

PFDs are a necessary tool for any angler planning to spend time out on the lakes. Look for PFDs that allow the angler to move freely and comfortably while out on the waters. There are several varieties available, from those that can be inflated manually to those which are inflated automatically or hydrostatically.

5. A Fish Guardian kit makes a great accessory to give any bass fisherman.

This product is designed to dispense a live release formula in a liquid form directly into the boat’s livewell. It saves anglers lots of time and protects the catch immediately. This is also a great gift to please the angler on your list who seems to have it all.

6. Gift certificates for a guided fishing trip.

Rodney offers this as an option to many of his clients and has found it a great way to introduce novice anglers to the sport of fishing, as well.

You can purchase a gift certificate from Rodney Hairgrove Fishing Guide Service by calling 270.362.0147 or contact any of the fishing guides listed here.

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