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All "No Hunting" Zones to Remain Closed in Land Between the Lakes

November 14, 2017 | Land Between The Lakes Press Release

All identified “No Hunting” zones will remain closed for the 2017-2018 archery deer hunting season at Land Between the Lakes. All recognized hunt areas will remain open to archery deer hunting through January 8, 2018.

“Some areas marked as ‘No Hunting,’ such as campgrounds and Brandon Spring, were opened to archery deer hunting during December and January in previous years,” says John Westbrook, Environmental Stewardship Department Manager at Land Between the Lakes. “Due to scheduled work taking place in these areas, and lower deer numbers, all ‘No Hunting’ areas will remain closed to archery deer hunting for the remainder of the season.”

Archery hunting is permitted in all recognized hunt zones through January 8, 2018, in Land Between the Lakes. Hunters age 16 and older must possess all state required licenses and permits for the state being hunted: $25 Land Between the Lakes Hunter Use Permit, or $35 combination Hunter Use/Basic Camping Permit. Purchase permits online 24/7 under Reservations and Permits, at Golden Pond Visitor Center and Wranglers Campground year-round, or at stores that sell state hunting licenses.

Hunting is not permitted within 150 yards of any road, facility, building, occupied area, or within 200 yards of any wildlife refuges. For information on hunting rules click on General Hunting Rules on the hunting page or call 270-924-2065.

All campgrounds except Hillman Ferry, Piney, and Energy Lake Campgrounds will be open for camping during the winter.

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