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Eggners Ferry Bridge Trail

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Explored:  Friday, December 23, 2016

Heading into LBL today we noticed that the new Eggners Ferry Bridge hike and bike trail was open.  We couldn't resist the temptation despite the breezy and chilly air to check it out. 

The new Eggners Ferry Bridge has a 10-foot wide bike and hike path along the southside of the bridge.  Visitors can park on either side of the bridge and cross Kentucky Lake on foot or on a bike.  The path is a little less than 1.5 miles long.

We went to the top of the bridge where the main span is located.  It provided an unmatched view of Kentucky Lake.  With LED lights along the bridge's path, it will no doubt be a great place for an evening stroll watching the sun set across the lake.

The path is paved and there are auxillary paths that head down to the the shoreline, perfect for folks who like to bank fish on the lake.  Check this out when you can - it's a great new attraction for our region.

Photo by Melodie Cunningham

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