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Eggners Ferry Bridge Historical Photos

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May 7, 2012 - ExploreKentuckyLake.com recently obtained historical photos of the raising of Eggners Ferry Bridge in the early 1940s.  The photos below are from the National Archives and have never been seen online before.

1936 Photos

These photos were taken March 25, 1936 when the bridge was just four years old prior to the creation of Kentucky Lake.  Notice the horse and buggy crossing the bridge and the gravel road approaches. 

1943-44 Bridge Raising Photos

With the creation of Kentucky Lake, the Eggners Ferry Bridge, which was only 12 years old, needed to be raised 22 to 25 feet to accommodate the permanent flooding of the Tennessee River.  Below are photos of workers raising the bridge.


US 68 / KY 80 Approaches

Since the bridge was being raised 22-25 feet, the roadway leading to the bridge had to be reconstructed as well.

This photo shows the new approach on the levee compared to the old height of the bridge.

US 68 at Fenton.  Notice the old road on the right, which is still visible today.

US 68 at Fenton looking west with the old road on the left.

US 68 at Aurora being reconstructed and raised.

An aerial view of Fenton and the landing strip. 

Completion Photos

A look at the raised Eggners Ferry Bridge which is shown without Kentucky Lake's waters.

The Homeplace
Photo by Melodie Cunningham

The Single Pen Cabin is one of many historic buildings at the Homeplace 1850's working farm in Land Between The Lakes.