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Eggners Ferry Bridge Collapse

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Eggners Ferry Bridge is Now Open to Traffic

Officials opened the Eggners Ferry Bridge today (Friday, May 25th) just after 1:00 p.m.  The public was invited to walk out onto the bridge earlier.  Photos from the event are posted here and a full recap can be read here.

(May 24 Update) 

KYTC officials and the Kentucky Governor's Office announced today that the bridge will open Friday at 1:00 pm.  More...

(May 23 Update)

No specific time table has been set, but the bridge is still on schedule to open at some point this weekend.  More...

(May 19 Update)

Workers continue to prep the new span of the bridge in time for opening on Monday.  Read the official press release issued today.  Also, in a twist of irony, the Delta Mariner passed under the bridge yesterday evening (right photo) heading downstream while workers were busy with the new span.  In case you missed it, the Delta Mariner was the same large vessel that destroyed the span back in January.

(May 17 Update)

After placing the span on the existing piers last Tuesday, May 15, a swarm of workers have been busy placing fittings and pouring concrete on the new span.  The project is still on track to being open by Memorial Day.  Photos...

(May 10 Update)

Today workers successfully moved the new span of Eggners Ferry Bridge on a barge using two large cranes.  Photos...

(May 9 Update)

The newly constructed span of Eggners Ferry Bridge is now complete and is being readied to ship 30 miles upstream to the bridge site.  The delivery is reportedly set to take place over the weekend.  More...

(May 7 Update)

We recently obtained photos never seen before online of the raising of Eggners Ferry Bridge.  See them here.

(May 2 Update)

Workers are quickly assembling the span and prepping the concrete supports for the new span of Eggners Ferry Bridge.  Photos...

(April 30 Update)

Keith Todd of the KYTC District 1 Office provided this update today along with photos of the span being assembled.

(April 24 Update)

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear gave an update today at the Lyon County Riverport on the progress of Eggners Ferry Bridge.  The bridge is still slated to reopen by Memorial Day.  Read more...

Eggners(April 3 Update)

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet crews are performing maintenance work on the remaining spans of the U.S. 68/KY 80 Eggners Ferry Bridge.  The work includes railing replacement and repairs, as well as deck patching.  More...

(March 28 Update)

Engineering work has begun to replace the missing span of Eggners Ferry Bridge.  Read the release here.

(March 8 Update) 

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear announced this morning an emergency $7 million contract was issued to replace the missing span of Eggners Ferry Bridge. The span will look very similar to the old span and will be ready on or before Sunday, May 27th, the day before Memorial Day.

A ferry service was studied and determined it was not feasible due to water levels and vehicle capacity.  Only 40 cars per hour could be transported by ferry.

The Governor also stated that "we are moving full speed ahead on permanent replacement of the bridge."  Full Press Release.

(February 24 Update) 

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear announced today that he has signed an order to seek emergency federal funding to restore traffic across Kentucky Lake.  Read more.

Earlier this week, Keith Todd of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet provided some interesting insight into the various names of Eggners Ferry Bridge.  Read more.

(February 17 Update) 

In a press release issued by the Kentucky Governor's Office, underwater inspectors found "no significant damage" to piers of Eggners Ferry Bridge.  These findings will help pave the way for construction of a new span.  Read more.

(February 15 Update) 

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear visited the east end of the Eggners Ferry Bridge today and reiterated his administration's commitment to getting traffic restored across Kentucky Lake.  Although nothing new was proposed today, it does appear more likely that a ferry system will be established and the existing bridge will be repaired.

Eggner's Ferry Reppell(February 14 Update; photos courtesy Keith Todd)

A Kentucky Transportation Cabinet bridge inspection team rappelled down several piers on the US 68/KY 80 Eggner's Ferry Bridge last Thursday as part of an ongoing detailed review of the structure.   The examination of the piers will help KYTC engineers further develop about a half-dozen options being considered to replace a 322 ft. span knocked off the bridge the evening of January 26th when it was struck by the cargo ship Delta Mariner.  

Climb team members took a detailed look at Piers 4, 5, 6, and 7.  The inspection team rappelled from the top of each pier cap to the water.  The inspectors checked the structural integrity of each pier and specifically looked at the construction joint where new pier sections were added to raise the height of the bridge bridge deck when Kentucky Lake was impounded in the mid-1940s.

KYTC is not elaborating on the "half-dozen options" with the exception of the obvious three:  establish a ferry; repair the missing span; expedite the new bridge slated for construction this year or next; or a combination of solutions.

Keith Todd of the KYTC told radio station WKMS recently that a ferry was being studied but there were some obstacles, including approaches, lake depth, and time to cross the lake.

Eggners Ferry Bridge Collapse Photo On Monday, February 6th, the Delta Mariner has moved downstream after crewed removed most of the span draped across the boat's front.  Read more about the move.

Officials are warning the public to stay off the bridge.  The US Coast Guard reported several hundred spectators this weekend after i was struck.  The bridge is closed to pedestrians and if caught citations may be issued.

Eggners Ferry Bridge, which carries US 68/KY 80 across Kentucky Lake at Aurora, was struck by a large cargo ship Thursday evening. A 322 ft. section of the bridge was hit and taken down because the ship was too tall as it attempted to pass under.  It is not know why the ship, known as the Delta Mariner, attempted to take the recreational channel instead of the main navigation channel when passing under the bridge.

The western end of the bridge has been determined to be structurally sound, but the end of the bridge may have issues.  Regardless, officials have closed the bridge to pedestrians and sight-seers.  The Coast Guard has also closed the area around the bridge to recreational boats, although commercial river traffic has now resumed.

(January 27, 2012)

A 322-foot span of the Eggners Ferry Bridge at Aurora has collapsed after a large cargo ship hit it Thursday evening.  According to Keith Todd, spokesman for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet District 1, "Span E"  collapsed with it laying crumpled in front of the vessel. Miraculously, no one was injured and no cars were found to have fallen off the bridge.  The bridge is 80 years old and carries US68/KY80. It is not known at this time when or if repairs will be made.  The bridge is scheduled to be replaced by a modern four-lane structure in the next few years. 

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Span E of the Eggners Ferry Bridge (second span from the east) is seen sitting on top of the vessel.

Eggners Ferry Bridge Collapse Photo 2

Eggners Ferry Bridge Collapse Photo 3

Eggners Ferry Bridge Collapse Photo 4

Eggners Ferry Bridge Collapse Photo 5

Eggners Ferry Bridge Collapse Photo 6

Eggners Ferry Bridge Collapse Photo 7

Photo of damage, courtesy Keith Todd of the KTC District 1

Eggners Ferry Bridge Collapse Photo 8

Photo of damage, courtesy Keith Todd of the KTC District 1

Eggners Ferry Bridge Collapse Photo 9

Photo of damage, courtesy Keith Todd of the KTC District 1

Photo by Angela Smith

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